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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Racist avatar? You decide

There is lots of denial about racism coming from the TEA Party supporters (which we KNOW Cheeseburger is).

I find this stereotypical avatar to demonstrate racist implications, not only directed at Hispanic people, but Obama's mixed race heritage as well.

How about other opinions? Am I being too sensitive?

I just wanted to save Cal Thomas' 7/31 post for later use...

"Some Republicans are salivating over Democratic spending and ethical lapses, but before they run on fiscal restraint and personal morality, they should remember such former and current colleagues named DeLay, Cunningham, Ney, Foley, Lewis, Burns, Stevens, Craig, Vitter, Miller and Renzi.

These — and others — were tainted by scandal while Republicans controlled both houses of Congress. There is an old disease in Washington called Potomac Fever.

When voters toss out one infected party and replace it with another that promises not to acquire the disease, the new guys also catch it."

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Friday, July 30, 2010

It's baaaaaaaaaaack......

LaserBeam wrote on 07/30/2010 07:05:53 PM:

tip of the hat to The Olympian

I'm setting the betting board, I say this one will be gone by next Friday, at the latest.

Any takers?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Some days Sondra just loses and loses and loses...

HarryC wrote on 07/29/2010 08:07:34 PM:
" HarryC wrote on 07/29/2010 07:00:25 PM: Yeah, as someone that sees more of this at times than I'd like, I wonder if our "victim" had a few "beverages" prior to attending the event....

Now do I see the word "alcoholic" there? Nope. A person can get a little tipsy once in awhile and make a fool of themselves without being an alcoholic.

I guess someone's laser needs adjustment.

You know, this is why we don't want to see laser weaponry. In the hands of the wrong person, a laser beam can scorch the earth instead of hitting a target.
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HarryC wrote on 07/29/2010 08:03:14 PM:
Hmmm....I guess Shiny doesn't comprehend recovery....Oh well......
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HarryC wrote on 07/29/2010 07:45:16 PM:
Shiny - I'm one of more than one hundred men and women who HAVE RECOVERED from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body, not "an alcoholic". You're speaking of someone with a drinking problem. I don't drink.

Read more:

Now, unfortunately, I cannot find Shiny's venom laced comment calling me an alcoholic. In fact I can't find any Shiny comments which probably means that.....

Shiny bit the big one.

Puppy vs. Cat

Like I always say "Purr more, hiss less"! And I've reasently added "and keep those claws sharpened"

(that is kitty speak for "walk softly and carry a big stick)"

One never knows what the puppies of the world might do!

A tough day for Red

Red went out of his way to insult me during the discussion about talking during live performances.

As I responded, he sounded as pubescent as a prom queen that got stood up by her date.

Whatever Red said while I was out on business didn't fly with The Olympian well.

His comments got the boot.

As the old folk song went...."when will they ever learn....when will they ever learn?"

Undoubtedly another sock!

Doesn't the following sound like the She-Beast?

HowdyCaptainHowdy wrote on 07/28/2010 11:57:07 PM:


I serve our constitution, not any foriegn nation or special interest group. Yes, I have considered moving to Iran, with a host of friends like the Army, Navy and Marine Corps.

Your unabashed delirious love for a foriegn nation has betrayed you. Please dont be foolish and betray us. Have you considered moving to hades and fornicating with yourself?


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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


She who... commented that WMS' were not "the mission" in Iraq. So at 10:31AM I asked "What was the mission"?
At 11:27AM I re-asked the same question, with a tic-toc. Her response: (after her posting 4 posts in between):

Comment on: Letters to the Editor for July 28 at 7/28/2010 11:35 AM PDT
Oh my, what happened there?So...I simply wanted to remark on your maturity as of late, sparkle.It was just a few short months ago that the misspelling or misattribution of a screen name would cause you to become unhinged.Good job on that progress!
The mission? Kill bad guys. No need to fret and "tic toc". You just asked like 6 minutes ago, sheesh! If I don't answer right away it's because I am doing other things that take me away from the computer. I don't normally check in with anyone before I go do stuff so don't take it personally:)Patience is a virtue, sparkle!

My response:
sparkle wrote on 07/28/2010 11:44:47 AM:
Shiny wrote: "You just asked like 6 minutes ago"

Original post: 10:31AM
Next post: 11:27AM

I asked you like 57 minutes ago, I see you are also really good at telling time.

"Bad guys" oh give be a break, were no longer in middle school.

And you are the limbo player. (this is in reference to her lowering the bar with the sparkle /spackle thing and me calling her "Shiny")

I re-posted here because her comment was immediately pulled.

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Charlie Schmidt's "Keyboard Cat"!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

And this is just, well, Psychotic is the only word I can use..

SomethingShiny wrote on 07/27/2010 08:29:33 PM:
sparkle wrote on 07/27/2010 06:33:39 PM:

OK, trying again:

"There is no place to get a prescription filled within 5 minutes of Ralph's if you do not have for medical reasons can not drive a car."

I thinkl I know what you were trying to say so I'll answer thusly:

The Eastside Women's Clinic and "Planned Parenthood" are extremely convenient locations and as I understand, are able to dispense the "morning after" medication.

They're also far better locations should one need the services of professionals who are equipped to assist in any other services that a traumatized rape victim or someone facing an unwanted pregnancy would definitely need.

However none of the three locations referred to above will assist a woman with in vitro fertilization, even the one named "Planned Parenthood" who receives our tax dollars.

Read more:

==============So, let me get this straight..(Pardon the pun)..

If you want to choose to get pregnant,that's an "OK" use of tax dollars..

..But if you get raped.....

well, that's another story..

That is so twisted, it's beyond belief..

Full of shit, as usual.....

SomethingShiny wrote on 07/27/2010 09:16:23 AM:
""gee, I wish I spent more time wasting my life on The Olympian comments section........"

SomethingShiny wrote on 07/27/2010 12:07:32 PM:
Thanks for your help're awesome ;)

That 3 hour repose was a tremendous sacrifice to the Sun gods, Sondra

Tip of the hat to The Olympian.....

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sad situation

Some of you may know that my son just finished CORE training with the Washington State Corrections Department. It was a 6 1/2 week intensive training, 240 class hours, that provided him 16 college credits. I was proud that he was a chosen speaker for his class.

Unfortunately, this story is about one of his classmates, that just finished training and was about to start a new job at Clallam Bay (see the Peninsula Daily News online edition for details).

Despite suicide prevention and all of the other training, this man wasn't able to reach into his pocket and use that training for his personal issues.

A very sad story and a reminder that you need to walk away from domestic challenges, as opposed to taking matters into your own hands.

Luckily, my son is also a friend of Bill W and he came to me to talk and then contact all of his classmates, who had traded phone numbers, to set in motion a group therapy of sorts.

I love you, Son. I'm proud of your achievement and hope that your heart mends soon from the loss of your friend.

Another Fox nooz idiot

BY: David Bauder

NEW YORK – The aftermath of Megyn Kelly’s interview with a former Justice Department lawyer over a New Black Panther Party case has made her a hero and a villain.

The Fox News Channel host is a hero to fans who appreciate the time she has spent on a story about a nightstick-carrying New Black Panther Party member standing outside a 2008 polling place, wondering if it reflects an Obama administration inconsistency in pursuing civil rights cases.

But she’s a villain to critics who believe Kelly is promoting a dubious story given outsized attention because it could hurt a president unpopular with most of Fox’s viewers.


Kelly followed the story so relentlessly that she perhaps goaded the Obama administration into its bungling of the Shirley Sherrod case, much like a baserunner dancing off third base who distracts a pitcher into a balk. ...


... promotion, rather than politics, drives discussion of the New Black Panther case.


It promotes, ultimately, Fox.

“This is a mistake that a lot of people make when they talk about Fox, where they think that a political agenda is the driving force,” said Paul Levinson, head of the journalism department at Fordham University. “They certainly have a political agenda, they being some of the commentators, but when you go up to (network owner) Rupert Murdoch, he’s a business person first.”


Why Is Fox News' Megyn Kelly Obsessed With the New Black Panthers?

"Have you heard about the New Black Panther Party? No? Well, you must not be watching Fox News, which has spent the last week treating the fringe group as the greatest threat to democracy since... well, since health care reform. ..."

I provided the "recommend"

SomethingShiny wrote on 07/26/2010 05:10:55 PM:
This comment violated our policy and has been removed.
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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Does Not Sparkle

She who... might called herself "SomethingShiny" but believe me, she will never SPARKLE!

I'll wait a day or 2... ask how that new identity is working out for you......


You have...(once again...)

Been out-smarted by a gay man!!!!

(How's that feel, sunshine???)


Banned Joe Boy?

It looks as if everybody's favorite jackass may have got himself banned in new record time so this is in far from loving memory of BJBoy.

So then one of my Montana friends reads this, and responds with...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

IV is now trying to ruin Fatso's business!

Wonder if Dave knows about this? (I'm sure he wouldn't want to be associated with IV!)

Banjoboy wrote on 07/24/2010 08:45:33 AM:

Gee, what's racist about a Caterpillar dozer on a trailer?

You need to go have a beer at Fatso's.

Read more:
Banjoboy wrote on 07/24/2010 04:02:14 PM:


Nice "christianity"(quotes intended) there, sunshine...

Banjoboy wrote on 07/24/2010 09:34:19 AM:
I wonder if we can get Storman's to open a Caterpillar dealership.

Banjoboy wrote on 07/24/2010 02:16:23 PM:
Maybe the Co-Op can open a Caterpillar dealership.

Does this sound "Christian" to you????


2 attempts to kill a young woman with a tractor.....

Your words..not mine...


You're still more than welcome to join this forum

..You won't of course, because you're hiding under your bed from a gay man..

But the invite is still there.....

(Grow a pair and accept, incest boy...)

And my apologies to the Corrie family...

I'm sorry for some of the assholes in this world....'

Banjo Boy supports murdering young women....,

In his own words...

Banjoboy wrote on 07/24/2010 02:16:23 PM:
Maybe the Co-Op can open a Caterpillar dealership.

Read more:

Hey, you wrote it....I only copied...

Ya know...

One of my best freinds from high school is a youth pastor here in Oly.....

I showed him some of IV's posts....

His exact words were....and I quote...

"What a sick Mother Fucker"

..(And this is from a pastor, IV...)

Seek help...


And this is from the guy that talks about how the "left hates"...

Banjoboy wrote on 07/24/2010 09:34:19 AM:
I wonder if we can get Storman's to open a Caterpillar dealership.

Read more:

WTG, hate boy....

Nice to know you want to kill people....

I only make fun of you... want to kill people with tractors.....

..How very "Christian" of you....

Super Heroes vs. the Westboro Baptist Church

Unbeknownst to the dastardly fanatics of the Westboro Baptist Church, the good folks of San Diego's Comic-Con were prepared for their arrival with their own special brand of superhuman counter protesting chanting "WHAT DO WE WANT" "GAY SEX" "WHEN DO WE WANT IT" "NOW!" while brandishing ironic (and some sincere) signs. Simply stated: The eclectic assembly of nerdom's finest stood and delivered.

Tarp Surfing

And I have to post this one just for sparkle..

Friday, July 23, 2010

For IV only...Trust don't want to look

And this may be over the top...

Let's do the math, shall we???

First..there was Independent Voter...

Then he got banned..

Then came along "Band Member"

(Subverting his ban, and violating a commandment)

(Sidrat, meanwhile, has never been banned..)

Then came Joe..after IV's second banishment...

..(sidrat, meanwhile, has never been banned...)....

Then came ANOTHER Independendent voter....

(Sidrat, meanwhile, has never been banned...)

Then came Banjo Boy...

(Sidrat, meanwhile, has still never been banned...)

So, we have a straight man that has been banned 4 times (and counting)

..and a Gay man that has never been banned...

Todays Daily Truth.....

Straight men lie and cheat..

Gay men are moral and play by the rules...

The facts tell the story...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

And one just for IV..

Here's another good one from Stewie..

Here's "banjo boy"

Peter...(HAH! Made you look..IV...)

here we are, Banjo...

I'm here..Larry's looking required...

...all you have to do is grow a pair....

(They won't be as big as mine...but that's not required...)

You're already so jealous and lustful after this gay man......

(..I will have to teach you some morals, though..)

BTW..why should we try to find you???

You've posted Larry's personal place of work..ATG has posted all of his info...

Why don't you Man up???


Because you're a gutless coward!!!!!!!!)

Oh, your trailer is in for some MAJOR redecorating.....

It's going to be so cute.....Strawberry Shortcake is going to say "Oh, this is so CUTE!"

(Heck, you might even have a friend or 2 after this...)

Hey Banjo..

What happened to your "Independent Voter" personae???

Get yourself "band" again????

Maybe this gay man can teach you some morals...

The one and only SIDRAT..

un "band" since 2001..

..(something you can't claim, sunshine....)

If it smells like's bullshit

HarryC wrote on 07/22/2010 09:10:46 AM:
Calling Glenn and Banjoboy's bluff. All you have to do is register.
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glenn wrote on 07/22/2010 07:02:08 AM:
I'm with Banjoboy - Come on over for a fireside chat with this crusty, mean, unbending, nasty and traditional old man. Check first to make sure our appointment isn't at the same time as my anger management counseling. I can't wait to see ya.
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Banjoboy wrote on 07/21/2010 07:56:16 PM:
When you find my name, come on over and we'll talk about it, just like you want to. When I made the same offer earlier It was called "hate". Go figure...

Read more:

Slow as molasses

While trying to log on to The or, today, it's mindful of my old days of dialup on AOL.

Since both 98507 and I got malware warnings two days ago on The O, I'd say procede with caution.

We have been "assured" by Lee Long that there is no problem.

Hey's todays DAILY TRUTH

My gay partner and I have been together, faithfully, for almost 30 years...

Who do you have, sunshine????

(Jealous, much????)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Change in publication of LTEs

Anybody else spot this?


'Letters to the editor' will be published as individual stories

The Olympian • Published July 20, 2010

We have decided to publish our "Letters to the editor" as individual stories online starting August 1st. This move will improve our search engine ranking on Google and Yahoo, but also keeps all comments connected directly to the individual letters.

Read more:

Stewies Banjo song...

1 year ago 11
Warm out today.Warm yesterday.Even warmer today.Met her on my CB
Said her name was Mimi.Sounded like an angel come to Earth (Come to Earth)When I went to meet herMan, you should've seen herTwice as tall as meThree times the girth. (Girth)Oh, my fat baby loves to eat. (Eat)A big ol' Buddha belly and her breasts swing past her feet (Feet)My fat baby loves to eaaaaaatttttMy Big Ol' Fat Ass Baby loves to eat.(banjo solo)I GOT BLISTERS ON ME FINGERS

Scooter's Banjo BoyCongratulations to "Banjo" for the "Leading Sire" Award 2nd year in a row at the All Star Mule and Donkey Show and Futurity Sep 14,


Too perfect!!! are the Banjo Boy lyrics.....seriously...

I want to be a rock star, and travel really far, and buy me a big expensive car.And make lots of money and find me a honey.And live in nice big house where it's sunny.With a pool and I'll be cool.I'll always have a gig cause I'll be big.I'll have parties and friends and places to go,The only problem is I play the banjo.I play the banjo.I'm a post Hee-Haw mover, a funkadelic punk-rock groover,A cross between Bela Fleck,And Eddie Vedder but better.I'll win a Grammy for the way I pick.I'll be an instrumental monster with tons of new licks,And all the babes will love me, sell-out shows,The only problem is I play the banjo.I play the banjo.(Chorus:)Well I play the banjo,Play the banjo,Play the banjo,I play the banjo.I play the banjo.(Repeat Chorus once.)I say hear me boys, here my rhyme,I'm picking on the banjo all the time.I say hear me boys, here my song,Picking on the banjo all day long.Pick.I'll buy a leer jet, and a limousine,And everywhere I go my fans will scream,"Hey banjo boy, we love you,I wish that we could all play the banjo too."And you'll see me on the tv talk show,With Dave and Conan and Jay Leno,The only problem is I play the banjo.(Repeat Chorus 3 times.)I play the banjo,Play the banjo,Play the banjo,I play the banjo.[Thanks to for lyrics]


The Jobless Effect: Unemployment Is Fueling Independent Voters' Anger

At least we know now...

Hey IV...

Since you feel it necessary to post about me in the public forum..EACH AND EVERY DAY, I will post something derogatory (and TRUE) about you, right here...

For instance..


You have been banned from the Olympian forums, and subverted that ban by using multiple identities...

(Which commandment is "Thou shalt not lie"?)...

Stay tuned for more TRUTH from this gay man about the lying "christian" POS...

Hey IV

..I'm using my incredible gay psychic powers to force you to read this......

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

One guaranteed to not have the guts to respond

Banjoboy wrote on 07/20/2010 07:12:53 PM:
HarryC, When you and sidrat get my name, come on over.

Read more:

This was posted on the story about names on petitions. What InDependsVoltaire is saying is that he is a coward that couldn't stand up to direct conversation from a gay man and a straight man that thinks he is an asshole. I'd say "he doesn't have the balls", but that is being redundant.

Anon, my guess is that IV won't take you up on your challenge.

Hey - BJBoy! Don't have enough faith in God to protect you from Sidrat and I?

Got something to say to me, say it to my face

A re-post I felt important to bring up to the forefront.

As the elected Democrat PCO let me say...

Got a problem with me any of you right wing moonbats ? Look me up. I'm the Democrat PCO for Olympia 204. Actually let me do your work for you.

My name is Mr. Laurian Weisser
I live at 611 Capitol Way South
My phone number is 360 753 9771
You can email me at

Anyone, regardless of their political inclinations, are free to contact me and talk about what is on your mind. I have nothing to fear and everything to gain from real exchange.

I dare you IV, Sondrak and the rest of your minions to follow my lead and step out from behind of your on-line avatars. Let's get real folks.

Fuck glenn

glenn the dumb struck reactionary wrote on 07/20/2010 07:51:48 AM:

I guess maintenance is out of the question anymore. Just like the state didn't dredge and maintain capitol lake, the city didn't maintain the boardwalk. I wonder how they are doing with the fleets of government vehicles.
If the pilings were bad - replacing them as needed would go a long way towards the boardwalk's longevity. I'm armchairing this article, but between traffic circles, a decaying boardwalk, the lake, off-ramp nightmares and on and on, I tend to question everything the government decides in this state. There are so many big-ticket boondoggles, that I look at everything they do with a Doubting Thomas attitude.

What the fuck are you blathering about about glenn? I understand you hate my community and are committed to spewing mindless insults about one of the most vibrant and secure cities in the nation but man at least try yo stay on topic. Your latest rant is an absolute mindless non sequitur, gurgling worthy of an infant.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Hey IV/Joe/Banned/IV/Banjo....

How're those multiple identities working out for you, sunshine?

From the ONE AND ONLY sidrat.......

Banjo Drag

You wouldn't know crazy if Charles Manson was eating fruit loops on your front porch.

The 45 minute obscene phone call.....

Banjoboy wrote on 07/19/2010 09:12:58 PM: HarryC, you site is an indication of your sick, sick mind and those of your followers, one of which happens to be a D precinct committee person.

Banjoboy wrote on 07/19/2010 09:13:38 PM: Run to mommy and get this deleted, quick, you sicko.

HarryC wrote on 07/19/2010 09:15:34 PM:
BJBoy.....I see you are not a fan of freedom of speech....or maybe you actually are, since you spend so much time on our community blog.
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Read more:


Glenn Beck Going Blind?

Now we have an honest-to-goodness doctor's opinion that it's true! LOLOL

His devoted following may be blinded by the hype, but Glenn Beck may actually be going blind.

The Fox News host said he is losing his sight, in a surprising admission while addressing a crowd in Salt Lake City on Saturday.

Beck, 46, revealed he’s been diagnosed with macular dystrophy, “a genetic eye disorder that can cause progressive vision loss.”

During his speech, Beck told the audience, “I can’t focus my eyes.”

“A couple of weeks ago I went to the doctor,” Beck explained, “and he said, ‘you have macular dystrophy,” to which Beck reportedly joked, “Is that the Jerry Lewis thing?”

He also quipped about his prognosis, saying the doctor told him, “You could go blind in the next year. Or … you might not.’”

Taking the opportunity to knock the health care reform while he was at it, Beck said, “I went to the best doctor I could find, while I could still go to the best doctor I can find.”

Beck made the announcement in front of roughly 6,000 people during a stop on his ‘American Revival’ tour.

Dedicated to Sondra and IV, before the Deletion...

HarryC wrote on 07/19/2010 06:45:07 PM:
Mustard - Thanks for living up to my expectation."lack of social boundaries"...."Obsessive behavior towards people"....I think "Emma is __________" qualifies.
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HarryC wrote on 07/19/2010 06:31:15 PM:
How's the new indentity?Read more:

Sunday, July 18, 2010

ULIE wants HER questions answered (but she won't answer OTHERS' questions!)

Typical of the She-Beast....
ULIE wrote on 07/18/2010 12:19:04 PM:

Megatron wrote on 07/18/2010 10:19:09 AM:
The Blue Staters subsadize the Red Staters all over America.

When did the Obama administration start profiling government assistance recipients for political affiliation?

Oh, and subsidize.

Read more:
ULIE wrote on 07/18/2010 01:59:01 PM:

When did the Obama administration start profiling government assistance recipients for political affiliation?

Read more:

Simple Joe

Saturday, July 17, 2010

glenn has gone back to his usual idiocy

glenn wrote on 07/17/2010 10:54:15 AM:

... There is no need for class in Olympia - you'd be the only one with it!

Read more:

I see IV has a new identity...

Banjoboy wrote on 07/17/2010 10:22:08 AM:
It's the gender confusion issue that gets their knickers in a knot.Studying the entire Bible in context would settle the issue, but notin a way they would want to hear, so they rant on here about how bad Christians are, while siding up to the Muslims, who are taught to eliminate all infidels.A strange enigma, indeed.Read more:

You can also tell from his profile (created yesterday, as far as I can tell....)

Comment on: Letters to the Editor for July 16
Posted 7/16/2010 5:07 PM PDT on The Olympian
This comment violated our policy and has been removed. Read more:

New name...same ol' IV.....

Friday, July 16, 2010

Thursday, July 15, 2010


dalecon wrote on 07/15/2010 07:04:27 AM:

I feel very fortunate that I don't live in Olympia the land of squirrels and nuts.

Read more:

BWHAHAHAH....are you SERIOUS??????

ULIE wrote on 07/14/2010 07:25:05 PM:
Daniel_A wrote on 07/14/2010 06:53:24 PM: Environmental disasters caused by the Bush administration's deregulation of the oil and gas industry is what killed the fishermen

.Except the accident was caused by the government not enforcing the regulations that were already put in place by the government.Bush has not been President of the United States for a year and a half and the Democrats have been in control for 3 1/2 years. Getting everything they've wanted.Obama won. Deal with it. Accept it. We have.

Read more:


You REALLY have gone out of your way to accept the Dems.......

(BTW, this was posted after tedster once again issued his challenge for the she-beast to provide a concrete example of Obama being anti-gun)...

...She ignored him....

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pay to comment?

I stopped submitting LTEs years ago after having been harassed by a reader. So, if a newspaper thinks I'm going to allow my real identity to be associated with comments on articles, they have another think coming. Paying for the privilege of commenting is marginally more acceptable than the notion of real identity being required, and that isn't likely to happen either!

If either the O or the Trib contemplates requiring Real ID and payment, it needs to reconsider what the loss of eyeballs on the advertising will mean to its advertisers. Without commenters coming back again and again, their vaunted website page view numbers will drop into the toilet.

Newspaper Wants Readers to Pay to Comment Earlier this year, the Sun Chronicle, a small Massachusetts-based newspaper, closed down comments on its website after discussions in the paper's comment section got out of hand. Now, in order to "encourage intelligent and meaningful conversation," all posters on the site will have to register with their full name, address, phone number, email and credit card number. Users will have to verify their identity by using their credit card to pay a one-time fee of $0.99 to activate their accounts. All comments will now include the full name and hometown of the commenter. ...
Would You Pay To Leave “Intelligent And Meaningful Conversations” In Comments Section? ... when I read that a newspaper or blog site wants to charge for leaving comments, even when the amount is small, I become suspicious of the real motives behind the decision. Is it to control the comments or to increase revenues?

Need any more proof that "ULIE" is She-Who?

The She Beast, under any ID, never wants to provide "concrete examples", does she? That would mean WORK!
ULIE wrote on 07/14/2010 08:24:12 PM:

Tedster wrote on 07/14/2010 07:52:33 PM:
If you disagree, give me a concrete example, not a "He wants to take our guns away" stuff.

I'm gonna let you off the hook on this one Tedster...because if you paid any attention and listened at all you'd already know. No one's been hiding anything from you. Most of us conservatives pretty much wear ourselves on our sleeves.

So clearly you really just
don't want to know.

Read more:
Her ID should be "ILIE".

Tea Party racism charges

Is the Tea Party movement racist? The NAACP says so, but of course the Tea Party advocates say no.
NAACP passes resolution blasting Tea Party 'racism' “... The NAACP has passed a resolution that condemns what it feels is rampant racism in the Tea Party movement. ...”
Iowa Billboard Depicting Obama-Hitler-Lenin Comparison Quietly Expunged “Members of the North Iowa Tea Party recently acquired some billboard space in Mason City, Iowa. Their message? “RADICAL LEADERS PREY ON THE FEARFUL & NAÏVE,” illustrated by photos of Adolf Hitler and Vladimir Lenin and a picture of our democratically elected leader, Barack Obama. ...”
Steele defends Tea Party from charges of racism “... Steele, the first African-American to head the Republican National Committee, issued a statement Wednesday about what he described as “recent statements claiming the Tea Party movement is racist.” He said such statements “are not only destructive, they are not true.” ...”
Sarah Palin: NAACP resolution 'regressive' “Former Alaska GOP Gov. Sarah Palin sternly lectured the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People on Tuesday for approving on a “false” resolution accusing the tea party of being “racist.” ...”
Dallas tea party leader denounces NAACP after racism allegation “A prominent Dallas-based tea party leader is protesting the NAACP's allegation that the movement harbors racists. Katrina Pierson - who is black -- has defended fellow tea partiers against such accusations before. ...”
NAACP Tea Party Resolution Could Go Further “I was on Fox News this morning and, in the wake of the NAACP resolution calling on the Tea Party to denounce its racist extremist elements, the panel debate was about whether or not there are explicit racist elements in the Tea Party. Come on. Of course there are. ...”

A remarkable comment from "glenn"

Amazingly, glenn posted a comment that wasn't totally snarky.... although I do suspect that he had his tongue in his cheek and fingers figuratively crossed when he typed the last phrase. (We should keep in mind for future reference, however, that he flat-out admitted not being "equiped [sic] to respond". LOL We will note that not being equipped has never stopped him before. [snort])

glenn wrote on 07/14/2010 12:50:13 PM:

A seemingly nice person with something positive to say.......I'm not equiped to respond. I threw out all the good words and only kept the nasty stuff for meanies on the comments.
So, I'll give it a try .....uh......good for you lady.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


IndependentVoter Comment on: Letters to the Editor for July 13
Posted 7/13/2010 6:08 PM PDT on The Olympian

While the Olympian deletes comments from conservatives, they print this piece of you know what from Mr. Johnson.Their left wing bias once again clearly displayed for all to see.

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Cry me a river.

Williams once again walking the talk

• Published July 12, 2010

State Rep. Brendan Williams continued his protest against furloughs today, sending the state treasurer $160 in cash and this pointed letter of explanation ( Williams said his $160 donation represents more than three times the lowest state rate paid for around-the-clock care for Medicaid clients who live in licensed boarding homes. The money might go into the state general fund, but the Treasurer's Office is reviewing the rules, spokesman Chris McGann said. Today marked the first of 10 furlough days that many state workers are taking in about 50 agencies, baords and commissions, saving about $38 million in the state's general fund and $35 million more in other accounts. Williams, an Olympia Democrat known for his liberal stands on behalf of workers, said his donation represented "one day of legislative salary."

He had opposed furloughs during the recent legislative session. But when it was clear he would lose that fight, he argued that fellow lawmakers should share in the budget pain they were asking workers to share. Williams proposed cutting a portion of lawmakers $90 per day expense allowance ( that goes on top of their $42,106 per year minimum salaries, but his amendment failed on a procedural motion to bring it up for a vote. "No one should be exempt from these cuts," Williams wrote to Treasurer James McIntire today. Williams added that lawmakers base salaries "are higher than the median household income in over half of Washington's counties. All but three (Grays Harbor, Mason and Pacific) of those twenty counties are represented exclusively by Republicans in the Legislature who have called for even greater budget cuts.'' In the end, Williams was unable to persuade his own Democratic majority that it should share in those cuts.

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Are we supposed to forget his ethics violations?


Although he’s been out of office for more than a decade, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich continues to talk politics at anyone who will listen and, every four years or so, considers running for president. Don’t think 2012 will be any different: Newt announced that he is considering a run, emboldened by the belief that Barack Obama “will replace Jimmy Carter as the worst president of modern times.”


Move over Sarah Palin, Newt is "serious."
Newt Gingrich said he is considering a run for president in 2012 and will make his final decision early next year.
"I've never been this serious," Gingrich told the AP. ...


Monday, July 12, 2010

You just can't pass stuff like this up.....

ULIE wrote on 07/12/2010 10:56:53 AM:
President Obama inherited nothing. He and his supporters campaigned ruthlessly for the job.

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Palin/McCain were not as ruthless (Bill Ayers, Birth Certificate, etc, etc) thus they lost

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Palin to lead RNC? Please!!!!!!!

THEREFORE, We, the undersigned, submit that Sarah Palin, as soon as is practicably possible, ought to replace Michael Steele and take over the reins as Chair of the Republican National Committee.

As to who, the answer can only be Sarah Palin. Why? Notwithstanding the reasons we have outlined here and here, it is because she will raise more money and command more control over the media narrative than ANY other Republican in the field. Seating Sarah would also set the Progressive-Democrats on their heels, forcing them to ratchet up their vile PR smear campaigns.
The problem for the Progressive smear machine, and they know it, is that the jig is up. More and more Americans are becoming aware of the Alinksy song and dance the Progressives have been running. Their charges of racism and labels of stupid and evil grow less and less effective every day.

The advantage for the Right is that the Progressives have no other strategy than to go vicious, so the Left will likely double down on the tactic. Doing so will only expose them as hypocrites when it comes to their claim of righteously elevating the narrative above cheap personal attacks, and working to solve our nation’s problems.

Who more than Sarah Palin can inspire the Left to so publicly display their ugliness and contempt for American civility?

This is one of the funniest takes I've seen yet. "Take one for the Team, Sarah!" The Republican Machine knows that Palin has the dirtiest backyard of any of them, so put her "in charge" (about as in charge as Steele really was) and let the smear begin.

Mrs. Family Values and her Teenaged Sleepovers is not a lie. It's the real deal. Proof positive? "Twig", "Branch", "Sapling", or whatever in hell Bristol's kid was named.

There is no way that it will go unspoken when Sarah starts cranking up the Family Values schtick and then you can blame the Democrats for "going negative" by pointing out the truth that the woman let her child have a sex partner prior to the age of consent and out of wedlock.

The Republicans can be counted on to use a child that has already been used if it means a way to collect money and votes.