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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cute, for a moment

JoanHill wrote on 01/31/2010 09:57:49 AM:
mr_peabody, after my back injury, and all of the issues with L&I, there is no such thing as a bumpy ride anymore! I can do anything!

I'm sure that many of you know that is my wife's name. Now, back a few years ago, when no one knew who I was, I mentioned that she was having to deal with a back injury issue and the frick and frack doctors that do the "independent medical exams". You know who has cataloged the info and I think I've mentioned Joan's name on ThurstonBlog.

It's not that big of a deal, except for the point that no one has the right to discuss our personal lives except us, especially in the media. I wouldn't even complain except it's great data to support the need for The Olympian to either get their blog software upgraded, or shut the thread down.

So....the following email went to Lui Long and George Le Masurier (I now cc him on everything):

"You folks ever gonna get control of this thread? It seems that after my last complaint you had enough time to look over my blog for “violations” of your policy. Maybe that time could have been spent on eliminating people that violate personal privacy of other readers and commenters."

I'm certain the Publisher enjoys seeing this sort of garbage happening in the newspaper he is responsible for. I think the next email will go to the Regional Vice President in Sacramento, also.

Yeah......a real comedian.

Suck on this Righties

Our President recently took the Republican house to the woodshed. I'm not hearing a lot of spin from his CSPAN beat down of the Bohner et. al. My fav was President Obama's spanking of some moron from Texas whining that Obama was spending us to the poor house.

[W]e came in already with a $1.3 trillion deficit before I had passed any law. What is true is we came in with $8 trillion worth of debt over the next decade -- had nothing to do with anything that we had done. It had to do with the fact that in 2000 when there was a budget surplus of $200 billion, you had a Republican administration and a Republican Congress, and we had two tax cuts that weren't paid for.

You had a prescription drug plan -- the biggest entitlement plan, by the way, in several decades -- that was passed without it being paid for. You had two wars that were done through supplementals. And then you had $3 trillion projected because of the lost revenue of this recession. That's $8 trillion.

Now, we increased it by a trillion dollars because of the spending that we had to make on the stimulus. I am happy to have any independent fact-checker out there take a look at your presentation versus mine in terms of the accuracy of what I just said.

Suck on that IV.

M_W tries to take over from the Felcher

Mac_Wade wrote on 01/31/2010 01:32:27 AM: GotItDownPat? How did you pick that one out Larry?

However, the Felcher isn't going to sit on its laurels:
IndependentVoter wrote on 01/31/2010 01:50:35 AM: Larry sure keeps herself busy here.

Larry, you should be very proud that you've been able to keep a whole set of socks busy and off the street!

Good Luck!

From a Craigslist ad:

"There where lots of young men and women, many from T.E.S.C. or at least they looked and smelled the part."

This fool left his drum kit set up at The Eagles Club, where they rent to all sorts of groups and someone lifted his cymbals. Brilliant, Einstein! He identifies himself as the "drummer for the Eagles house band" and posted his phone number (as if a thief would call him).

This clown and his band of merry men have been advertising for a keyboardist, off and on for quite some time. When I talked to them and found out they were "The Eagles house band" (read - "we play for free"), I said I was too busy with my other bookings (I play with people other than my own gigs).

One of my best decisions in life.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Feeding time!

Mine are pretty cute too1

You think your cats are cute?????

A case for vision care insurance

" Mac_Wade wrote on 01/30/2010 11:56:22 AM:

ReasonableRepublican wrote on 01/30/2010 10:26:09 AM: bullock, thank you for pointing that out. The childishness of that segment of our party is embarrassing.

Is this new persona working OK for you? I think it makes you sound kinda ridiculous.
Why can't you just be yourself Larry?
(for Reasonable's avatar, look up and to the right)
Remember, "Mac" is "Achmed", who swore up and down that I was "Frankly Frank"

Oh, and don't forget to tithe
ALCOA, Tenn. – The son of a well-known Alcoa pastor has taken out an order of protection against his father, claiming he was threatened with a gun during an argument at a church over his lack of church attendance. The order of protection was filed by 32-year-old Michael Louis Colquitt against 60-year-old Joe Colquitt, pastor of St. John Missionary Baptist Church.

We look so that you don't have to.....

From - NOTHING concerning Pam Roach's dismissal from caucus.

LOTS of photoshopped pictures and a copy of a receipt from a liquor store, attributed to Nancy Pelosi, but, amazingly, the location of the store was edited from the receipt, which means it could have been a receipt to the Award Celebration Party that Sondra held for herself.

None of the news that's fit to print.

Awww..isn't that just the cutest thing??

Achmed has started his (her) own blog..

Friday, January 29, 2010

Obama in the lion's den

I'll be adding to this as more video and text becomes available.

Thank you, Mr. President!

State Senate Republicans have kicked Sen. Pam Roach out of caucus meetings

Bet she didn't think she would ever reach their breaking point! LOL

Roach expelled from GOP caucus meetings

Citing “hostile behavior,” state Senate Republicans have kicked GOP Sen. Pam Roach out of their private meetings.

Roach, an Auburn resident who represents the 31st District, no longer will get a voice or a vote in her caucus, where lawmakers huddle by party affiliation behind closed doors.

“As your fellow Senators it is difficult to be in a room with you when you erupt in anger,” Senate GOP caucus leaders said in a letter to Roach obtained by the News Tribune. “For our employees it is unacceptable.”

The rare step stems from an April 15, 2009, confrontation between Roach and a Senate staff lawyer who handles personnel and ethics matters, Michael Hoover, but reflects years of conflict between Roach and other Senate Republicans.

Roach reached back to those past incidents in an interview today to argue GOP leaders are persecuting her. She said she has filed requests for reconsideration of the caucus ejection and a reprimand of her by a bipartisan Senate committee that Republicans cited in their decision. But she doesn’t mind being left out of caucus, Roach said.

“It’s not anything I’m missing at all,” she said, “and it’s kind of freedom-evoking.”

The reprimand is the fifth disciplinary action by the Senate against Roach for her treatment of staff, according to the documents associated with the investigations and obtained by the News Tribune. ...

IamNoOne flaunts his racism

IamNoOne graced the Olympian with this jem.

Not much more to say.

Sorry, Sarah

Paul Streitz, an early online supporter of a Palin 2012 Presidential bid – who is now independent of his online group “Draft Sarah 2012” — sent an email to Palin supporters strongly condemning the former Vice Presidential candidate for pledging to support McCain among many other things:

She has now chose to align herself with several bad actors. What should this be called, the Rinoization of Sarah Palin.
At the time of the election, perhaps Sarah Palin could have been forgiven for her ideas on immigration (and lack of knowledge) because she was governor of Alaska, not Arizona. But in the intervening months, she has done little but promote herself as a celebrity, known because her brief time on the national stage..

Yo Momma

As if James O'Keefe hasn't suffered enough indignity after botching an alleged phone tampering operation at a U.S. senator's office, getting arrested, and being photographed leaving jail, the judge in the case has now ordered that he reside with his parents until the next hearing.
Magistrate Judge Louis Moore made the order Tuesday as part of the conditions of release for O'Keefe, 25.

If they just could read as well as a 5th grader...

Bioya wrote on 01/29/2010 09:35:51 AM:
Kathy Thompson the mayor is a liar and a fear monger. Why doesn't the mayor threaten to close his office and all the city offices to save the schools and care facilities?

Now what Kathy's LTE said was...."The mayor of Buckley informed us that if they close Rainier School, 1,000 jobs will be lost, 400 homes, and $2 million in revenue." This is probably quite true as I'm sure the City of Buckley knows their revenue base.

Just one slight problem Bioya....

The State controls Rainier School!!!

There should be a requirement that commenters at least TRY to research before posting. I make mistakes like anyone else, but I'm trying to find the facts before jumping in over my head.

Another one bites the dust

Docent wrote on 01/25/2010 01:19:40 PM: Hello Larry whatever your new name!

Docent wrote on 01/27/2010 07:08:20 PM: I am so happy that Larry is off this site. I fell [sic] more comfortable commenting. I sure hope he gets counselling[sic]!

Docent wrote on 01/29/2010 07:16:07 AM: Olympian staff,I enjoy reading the letters section every day at work and commenting on them. I notice as the day progresses that the tone of the comments gets off track, personal, and vitriolic. I'll admit as I read some of the off topic comments my blood boils and I respond in kind! I am embarassed. I ask that you banish the repeat offenders: videlicet, "larry", cedar, et. al.. Until then for my own inner peace, I will not read this section.Thank you for this consideration!

You have to love the dramatic effects. Who in hell is "videlicet"????? Never seen that name before.

I love how Docent had to make the plea part of public forum and can't find Tammy McGee or Lui Long's email addresses. I'd provide them, but that would just take the fun away of Docent having to learn how to use the computer for something other than porn and whining.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The resident felcher just can't leave it alone

Need I say more?

IndependentVoter wrote on 01/28/2010 05:44:09 PM:

Those new identities seem to be working quite well, Larry.
Be sure to make up some more nasty lies about me on your hate site.

IndependentVoter wrote on 01/28/2010 08:45:54 PM:

How's those new identities workin' for ya, Larry?

Who is hiding comments that are not Conservative?

glenn wrote on 01/28/2010 09:04:34 AM:
cedar is trying to take Larry's place as the classroom monitor.

Oh hell yes, glenn. In the multitude of stupid things that you have said on The Olympian comments, this takes the award for "Stupidust".

You know Cedar and I were the ones hiding all the progressive based comments.

Say it, Sarah

"lecturing" "mandation" Another great Right Wing journalist

Fess up, Sam

"With all due deference to the separation of powers," he said, the court last week "reversed a century of law that I believe will open the floodgates for special interests — including foreign corporations — to spend without limit in our elections."

Which part of the quote is "simply not true"?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Poor Docent

Larry, aren't you ashamed of yourself? Intimidating Docent like that.... tsk, tsk, tsk.

Docent wrote on 01/27/2010 07:08:20 PM: I am so happy that Larry is off this site. I fell [sic] more comfortable commenting. I sure hope he gets counselling[sic]!

New career

The truth shall set me free!

Nice news to use when the conservatives want to blast you...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sounds like he's getting help identifying.....

Sexual obsessions may involve intrusive thoughts or images of "kissing, touching, fondling, oral sex, anal sex, intercourse, and rape" with "strangers, acquaintances, parents, children, family members, friends, coworkers, animals and religious figures", and can include "heterosexual or homosexual content" with persons of any age.[10] As with other intrusive, unpleasant thoughts or images, most people have some disquieting sexual thoughts at times, but people with OCD may attach extraordinary significance to the thoughts. For example, obsessive fears about sexual orientation can appear to the sufferer, and even to those around them, as a crisis of sexual identity.[11][12] The doubt that accompanies OCD leads to uncertainty regarding whether one might act on the troubling thoughts, resulting in self-criticism or self-loathing.[10]

IndependentVoter wrote on 01/26/2010 06:26:16 PM:
OCD is such a sad disorder.

In past posts, Independent Felcher has fantasized jail rape of a City Councilman, masturbation of a wooden puppet, and we all have heard his numerous thoughts about homosexuality and fecal matter in mens rooms.

And STILL Larry is missed...

IndependentVoter wrote on 01/26/2010 05:58:02 PM:
How's those new identities workin' for you, Larry?

glenn wrote on 01/26/2010 06:09:37 PM:
IV - Yesterday, I suggested that he try out "Gary the Garbage Guy". What do you think? How does "Gomer the Google Dude" or "Carl the Comcast Critter" sound? "Calvin the Curmudgeon"?

IV is so clueless...


"Pithy" or "pissy"?

Friendorfoe wrote on 01/26/2010 03:42:45 PM: ENGEL- Pithy opinion, does that apply to knowledge? Power can be such a burden.

Hmmmmm, should that be "PISSY opinion"?

Far-reaching affects of Supreme Court ruling on corporate political spending

Thoughts about this SCOTUS decision??
O'Connor Calls Citizens United Ruling 'A Problem': Retired Justice Says New Rules Could Corrupt Judicial Elections
Retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor issued her own polite public dissent to the recently decided case on corporate political spending, telling law students that the court has created an unwelcome new path for wealthy interests to exert influence on judicial elections. ...
Could Court's Campaign Finance Ruling Affect Net Neutrality?
A recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling that throws out limits on corporate political-endorsement spending is giving new hope to opponents of net neutrality regulation proposed by the U.S. Federal Communication Commission. ...
Will politics stay made in USA?
... But the decision has another consequence that hasn't been discussed enough: The door it opens to foreign-owned corporations, inviting them to meddle in our domestic politics. The ruling doesn't draw a distinction between corporations formed and managed on Amercian soil and companies based in other countries, or even managed by their governments. ...
Legal eagle-eye view of SCOTUS campaign decision
"Lawrence H. Norton and James A. Kahl used to work for the Federal Election Commission. They now work for Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, PLLC. Who better to take apart the Supreme Court decision on campaign finance? ..."

Playing with the complaint button

Get ready for a shutdown today. Cedar's last two comments were 'hidden" because someone is playing with the "report abuse" link.

UPDATE - now it's multiple comments.

....maybe its a zen thing......

I posted this comment after reading docent's boring little diatribes:

sparkle wrote on 01/25/2010 08:12:41 PM:
Is ignorance the person who complains about the ignorance that abounds on a "worthless comment section" they frequent, or is it frequenting a "worthless comment section" that they feel is ignorant?

Maybe it's a Zen thing...........

A little contrite maybe, but I KNOW that Thurstonblog readers can discern the subtle irony in the Zen comment. But ENGEL, not so cleaver, she posted:

ENGEL wrote on 01/25/2010 10:14:54 PM:
There's nothing even remotely "zen" about this place. and then went on with some Ted Kennedy blah, blah blah. (a horse that was beat to death hours prior.)

Now, I realize her inability to refrain from snarky comments on all things sparkle, but to make herself out to be the fool in doing so.........she just can't stand it!

With apologies to Pink Floyd

sidrat38 wrote on 01/26/2010 04:59:04 AM:
ThorsHammer wrote on 01/26/2010 04:20:48 AM: You been watching too much of MSNBC Kinkade(the green channel owned by GE)who stands to make millions out of the fraud. By the way, head of GE is on one of Obamas advisory boards.Either that or you been reading too much of Larry's(multiple name, paranoid,"they out to get me" guy)posts here

.==============To alter a great Pink Floyd lyric..."All in all...we're just another...sock in the drawer.."

Monday, January 25, 2010

Paranoia strikes deep, into your life it will creep

IndependentVoter wrote on 01/25/2010 08:54:34 PM:
How's those new identities workin' for ya, Larry?

I wonder who Independent Felcher thinks I am

Dad lets me drive slow on the driveway, but only on Mondays

ENGEL wrote on 01/25/2010 04:02:47 PM:
That some of you people can't seem to be able to see the difference between Ted Kennedy's horrible crime and Laura Welch's unfortunate accident is summed up best by the fact that he was elected numerous times to represent liberals.

ENGEL wrote on 01/25/2010 06:32:21 PM:
That some of you people can't seem to be able to see the difference between Ted Kennedy's horrible crime and Laura Welch's unfortunate accident is summed up best by the fact that he was elected numerous times to represent liberals.

ENGEL wrote on 01/25/2010 07:05:15 PM:
That some of you people think that Laura Welch's unfortunate accident is anything even remotely similar to Ted Kennedy's horrible crime is summed up best by the fact that he was elected numerous times to represent liberals.

Oh, did you know that "Engel=FAIL"? ROTFL

Friendorfoe wrote on 01/25/2010 05:05:20 PM:

Oh snap! Engal=Fail.

Friendorfoe wrote on 01/25/2010 05:06:32 PM:

misspell Engel=Fail

Friendorfoe wrote on 01/25/2010 05:07:08 PM:

It's so much fun...Engel=FAIL

Good on ya, Fof!


OlyKay wrote on 01/25/2010 05:28:02 PM:

Actually, Friendorfoe, it's ENGEL. So you can do it again!

Yeah... what she said! LOL

Larry-- Docent misses you!

Docent wrote on 01/25/2010 01:19:40 PM: Hello Larry whatever your new name!

Crap floats, so they say

IndependentVoter wrote on 01/25/2010 05:35:05 AM:
Ted Kennedy was NOT a good leader.A good leader does not swim away from a car he was driving that contains a drowning woman.

I'd volunteer to provide Independent Felcher with swimming lessons. These will take place in the middle of the night and we'll toss him in the water in a car and see if I tries to save himself.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Check out those crickets!!!!

If you look at the table of contents, you'll see that our number of posts for January 2010 has exceeded the number of posts for 2009 (October, November, December, I think)

The crickets are chirping like mad!!! Keep it up.

This is your community blog. I'd really love to see more input from writers and we can even take up topics other than The Olympian LTEs (although the humor is just too priceless to pass up).

Thanks to all that are participating and thanks to those reading that aren't posting. Everyone counts on ThurstonBlog.

FYI - I started this blog in 2007 and lost interest. I gained interest again for two reasons - (1) The Olympian started shutting down their forum for abuse, so I wanted us to have a place to go and (2) SondraK took delight in shoving it in my face that there was no traffic on ThurstonBlog.

Since has been operating since 2005 (or before) and has joined networks of Conservative blogs that promote each other for the sake of mutual mental masturbation, I would expect her traffic to be much more than it is. Just for fun, take a look at her list of contributors and you'll notice a half dozen regulars and then a random list of commenters. I'm pretty proud of what we've done on our own with no promotion, other than local word of mouth.

I have no desire to promote ThurstonBlog outside the immediate market. That was the original thought when I started playing with this in 2007. I'm not worried about "winning awards" or "hit counts", as I'm not selling advertising. What I do care about is a blogging community that is fun, and at times provocative and educational.

Keep up the good work, everyone!

Take a spelling COARSE

sloboda wrote on 01/24/2010 09:20:34 PM:
sparkle wrote on 01/24/2010 09:06:46 PM:I guess our resident Klown Klan didn't care for my post, well this should keep her them busy.Now an astroturfing tea bagger .

I dont find your comments disturbing sparkle. I know that you are a close minded individual who believes that he/she is intellectually gifted. But of coarse all progressives think this of themselves!!!!

Of COARSE, we're not intellectually gifted, we just spell better than 5th graders. Sloboda is the King of "coarse" instead of "course, "your" instead of "you're", "there" in place of "their" and on and on, et al. I know we all make a typo now and then and a misuse doesn't spell check, but........good gaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwd!!!!!

Look who has emerged from the sludge pit

after 2 months...

AynRand ... 01/24/2010 08:54:17 PM

Just what is wrong with this post?

sparkle wrote on 01/24/2010 08:38:05 PM:

This comment has been hidden and is pending site review. Click here if you wish to view.

Now an astroturfing tea bagger is warning about an astroturfing lefty writing letters to numerous newspapers. Now that really is funny!

BTW, Ellie Light might be really really rich, and have a lot of different homes.

Well, you can't keep a good woman down:

sparkle wrote on 01/24/2010 09:06:46 PM:

I guess our resident Klown Klan didn't care for my post, well this should keep her them busy.

Now an astroturfing tea bagger is warning about an astroturfing lefty writing letters to numerous newspapers. Now that really is funny!

BTW, Ellie Light might be really really rich, and have a lot of different homes

mr_green nails it:

mr_green wrote on 01/24/2010 09:16:23 PM:

It looks like someone doesn't like sparkle's completely appropriate, non-offensive quote. To cause this comment to be hidden is an abuse of the posting system.


mr_green wrote on 01/24/2010 09:26:40 PM:

Blessed be the dumb people.


sparkle wrote on 01/24/2010 09:30:37 PM:

mr_green wrote: "It looks like someone doesn't like sparkle's completely appropriate, non-offensive quote. To cause this comment to be hidden is an abuse of the posting system."

I find it amusing that the same people who rally for the first amendment on a regular basis only believe that their unique speech is the one that is allowed to be free.

And to think the same person does not want any form of campaign finance reform because that would infringe on ones freedom of speech.

Yes double standards are puzzling at best. ...

Things are heating up

WallysPal wrote on 01/24/2010 09:03:25 AM:
"Why did the population grow over 2 million from 1980 to 2008? A great portion of that growth is from illegals being allowed into the country with no deportation policy. And a big part of the costs of governing our state has increased because we are giving these illegals benefits they are not entitled to.

"So dale, you're saying that the majority of the population increase is illegal aliens? OK, of the two million, how many are illegal aliens? Cite your source.And while you're at it, exactly which benefits does the nefarious mob collect? Be specific--name the benefit programs you're claiming they receive. Either you have evidence to back up these claims, or they're baseless assertions you either heard somewhere else or made up. Which is it?

glenn wrote on 01/24/2010 09:12:39 AM:
Wallyspal - If that information is so important to you - then prove or disprove it yourself. Larry, cedar and PAX do that shit all the time. "Innocent until proven guilty" - look it up or shut up!

Now, before I start, let me acknowledge that I changed "sh_t" to "shit" because on ThurstonBlog you can say "shit" if you have a mouthful and glenn definitely does.

glenn's statement (having one of his bad days) to WallysPal is that PAX, cedar and I are wrong to question when dalecon, Independent Felcher, the Klown Posse, Red Foreman or glenn make one of their ridiculous assertions that have no truth to them. glenn must have FAILed debate 101.

"Innocent until proven guilty" is just too funny for futher discussion

Slow News Weekend

Not much happening on the national front and locally it's the same old, same old.

I'll just contribute that we had a great show at The Harmon on Friday night, saw lots of old friends and met some new ones

Anonymous 98507 is now helping me moderate and has administrator privileges. I think two heads are better than one. We will consult each other on matters of deletions and suspensions.

What's new with all of you?

Too good not to save

... just in case you missed reading this series of comments to the Saturday LTEs ... keeping in mind, of course, that "Engel" is the Head Klown .... [snicker]

ENGEL wrote on 01/23/2010 11:03:56 PM:
What's especially refreshing about candidates like Scott Brown as opposed to say, President Obama, is not having to make excuses for them.

Anonymous98501 wrote on 01/23/2010 11:34:42 PM:
So, SK, you think his unclothed appearance in Cosmo doesn't call for making an excuse? If Brown had been female and had appeared similarly unclothed in Playboy, you would have been all over the candidate for poor judgment, bad taste, and indecency (which of course would only prove that you apply double standards).

mr_green wrote on 01/23/2010 11:48:36 PM:
Wasn't it just last week when the same crowd was crucifying Levi Johnston for doing exactly the same thing as Scottt Brown?

Anonymous98501 wrote on 01/23/2010 11:54:27 PM:
Yes, mr_green, that's right!

sidrat38 wrote on 01/24/2010 00:59:02 AM:
Gee, mr_green, I remember the same crowd crucifying Obama just a couple of months ago for looking bored and dis-interested while talking to Joe Biden...
I guess if he'd been naked, that would have been o.k.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dust to Dust

It appears our resident skeleton has returned to where he came, from dust to dust, only to reappear in another morphed state in the near future.

So many personalities, so little time.........

Friday, January 22, 2010

There can't be three other people this stupid

IndependentVoter wrote on 01/22/2010 05:37:14 AM:
Take the dam out and the isthmus becomes a yearly flood zone, along with a big part of down town.Multiple problems for the council eliminated.Like businesses.
Recommend (4) Report abuse

Recommending your own posts with a cast of three, Indy?

A whole new kinda tacky....or is it wacky?

I support marriage fidelity, if for no other reason, you have to be mindful of the resentments of a jilted lover.

Watch the Right Wing jump on this, because Phillips is an Obama appointee. Of course, they don't want to discuss Newt Gingrich's endeavors.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Clear As Mud, Your Honor

Today's Supreme Court ruling recognizing corporations the right to spend unlimited funds on political campaigns.

From the Washington Post - Remember Roberts saying judges were like umpires calling the balls and strikes? In this case, he and his colleagues canceled the game altogether and decided on their own what the final score would be.

“I do think that it is a jolt to the legal system when you overrule a precedent,” Roberts said back then. “Precedent plays an important role in promoting stability and evenhandedness. It is not enough -- and the court has emphasized this on several occasions -- it is not enough that you may think the prior decision was wrongly decided. That really doesn’t answer the question, it just poses the question.”
He added: “And you do look at these other factors, like settled expectations, like the legitimacy of the court, like whether a particular precedent is workable or not, whether a precedent has been eroded by subsequent developments.” He also quoted Alexander Hamilton, who wrote in Federalist 78: “To avoid an arbitrary discretion in the judges, they need to be bound down by rules and precedents.”

Thanks a pantload, Justice Roberts! Do you think you could have bought us dinner before trying to screw us?

It get's funnier

RedForeman wrote on 01/21/2010 07:24:03 PM:
I suppose that Larry's latest sock puppet was some sort of brilliant ruse, just like his last one was "parody". I would further guess that because Larry managed to pretend to be a HALFWAY civil person for a few days.

As "xxxxxxxxxx" I changed nothing in my politics and I just changed my style of writing. There is a preception that "Larry" is the bad guy and then there are the "liberals". "xxxxxxxxxx" was a well spoken, well researched liberal that also had the ability to recognize when a Democrat screwed the pooch on a political campaign.

You see, there lies over half the issue. "xxxxxxxxxx" catigated Coakley for a poor run campaign and the Right Wing Lunatics buy into that as "being a nice guy". No, as "xxxxxxxxxx" himself put it, it was being "intellectually honest" - something that the Right Wing Lunatics cannot do to save their souls.

"Red Foreman" goes out of his way to engage in an argument with me. The classic was the "no parking places behind the Eagle's Club Building" I'm still trying to figure out how I got a 2004 Expedition to fit in that dumpster. I really had to laugh when "Red", in conversation with the newcomer "Frank", couldn't explain why it was so important to him and his cohorts about "Larry" and "how many times he posts", etc. Check out these two comments from Saturday:

Comment on: Letters to the Editor for Jan. 16 at 1/16/2010 12:52 PM PST on The Olympian
Well, since we all know that Larry cannot live without being on here all day every day we can assume that he is here under a different name or that something (good or bad) has happened in his life to keep him away.

Comment on: Letters to the Editor for Jan. 16 at 1/16/2010 1:04 PM PST on The Olympian Well Frank, It would take me awhile to explain that, and I'm not really here to talk about Larry.

Red wasn't there to talk about "Larry" who hadn't posted in days. LMAO.....uh huh, Red. Frank's question was just a little too real for Red and the Klowns:

Comment on: Letters to the Editor for Jan. 16 at 1/16/2010 12:56 PM PST on The Olympian
Red:Since I'm now a part of this - what is the difference to anyone how much time someone spends or what their forum name is?

And then my personal favorite of Frank's:

Comment on: Letters to the Editor for Jan. 16 at 1/16/2010 1:03 PM PST on The Olympian
just one more thought - to monitor if someone is here all day every day doesn't that require that the monitor be here all day every day? forgive me but I'm a logic based computer geek

Where is "The Professor" when I need him? This is a study in human nature...well...maybe not that human, after all.

So Achmed is Mark Wood

Achmed wrote on 01/21/2010 06:55:12 PM:
Au contraire mon frere, I have posted at cricketschirping and you even published it! I have not since because it would be a waste of my time. I will admit to reading it a lot, as it constantly makes me laugh! I don't know which was funnier today, reading your constant whining and playing the victim or watching KO lose it on his show!!!! Keep up the good work, I love to laugh!

Now remember Achmed went nuts over the weekend because newcomer Frankly Frank had to be me

Brought to you by the folks that don't attack....

FranklyFrank wrote on 01/21/2010 06:43:51 PM:
FranklyFrank wrote on 01/21/2010 04:39:05 PM: The DOW finished 332 down yesterday after predicted rallies on the tails of Brown's win in MA

Dow Jones Industrial Average ( DJIA )1/20/2010 Close - 7949.09 Down 332.13

"glenn wrote on 01/21/2010 04:43:15 PM: FranklyFrank - You're a stinking liar. The dow is at 10,300 and change at the close of today. It went down yesterday a minimal amount. It hasn't been above 10,600 and change in a year. Now go put batteries in your abacus and do the math."

I'm not exactly sure what your problem is, glenn. There is no reason for me to lie about something that is right on the internet in front of our facesIs there any chance that you can find a civil tone to communicate? Are you adult enough to do that? Maybe a group therapy session on anger management is in order.

From ThurstonBlog - Welcome to the world of The Olympian LTEs, Frank. It's a fantasyland where Conservatives do nothing wrong are wonderful loving people (self described) that call you a stinking liar for quoting the stock final from a certain day.

Notice how the coward can't post in here

Achmed wrote on 01/21/2010 06:42:51 PM:
If you want to see incessant whining just go to cricketschirping! Woe is me, everything is a personal attack agains you-know-who. Waaa waaaa waaaa!! I think he needs a bottle! Time to man up! If you can't stand the heat stay out of the kitchen! There are no crickets in the kitchen!

Achmed lives life on ThurstonBlog. The only person who promotes ThurstonBlog more than Independent Felcher

Can't stand the heat? Who went ballistic in mass because xxxxxxxxxx said he was Larry? How many times did you have to change your panties today?

Somebody needs to give T1958 some cheese to go with his whine

Does anybody besides me think the whine smells like dirty socks?

A little outting for the day.....

xxxxxxxxxx wrote on 01/21/2010 01:05:51 PM:
Oh....pity the poor Conservatives. For a week I've been posting under this name. I even had Achmed say I was a pretty good guy. Now that I've outted myself, they're all back to the whining that LarryTheBadGuy is their problem. Thanks, folks. It was a ball exposing your methods. Bottom line - not one of you can support your outrageous claims and catcalls. You have no game other than to whine. I've just demonstrated that rational, civil discussion always wins.

As the old song by Jessie Winchester goes - "I'm the same old guy that I used to be, I haven't changed at all. Same old walk, same old talk that would run you up the wall" See you on the blog, Achmed! I know you can't miss what we say.

10Xman, aka your administrator Larry, has demontrated and proved what we've all known for a long time, The Olympian FTE Conservatives are whiners with no substance that always shoot for a personal issue. I set the snare....I baited the trap...and TODAY...I reeled in the big ones.

Achmed will never get over the embarrassment of saying I was a pretty nice guy....LOL

Here is the funny part. I didn't change my politics one ounce. I changed my delivery a bit and purposefully posted less (see if you are a liberal, you post too much) and no one lost their undies over 10xman. BUT......allow them to know that I am 10xman and the caterwauling went wild!

Nothing like a little science project to keep the mind occupied. Thanks, Conservatives. I needed the guinea pigs.
I guess it's only OK to attack me in The Olympian and for me not to respond. The above posted comment was pulled.
This is probably a good time to share that I sent an email George Le Masuer, Publisher of The Olympian, after the "vader boy" incident. Lui Long seem a little tense in his return email, since I cc'd him. 10x was created to prove a point - that Larry Hill is being singled out for attack by a person or group of people.
I am responsible for the content of this blog, as The Olympian is responsible for theirs. This crap of "we don't have enough labor hours to moderate 24/7" is not my problem. It's their's. I told the Publisher and Long that I was cloaking myself in The Olympian to avoid harassment and attacks, so they have been aware of who I was the entire time.
I don't know exactly where this goes from here, but I've proven my point - it's a personal attack on Larry Hill.


xxxxxxxxxx wrote on 01/21/2010 09:10:23 AM:
Well, I can see where this is going. G'day, yall.

Achmed wrote on 01/21/2010 09:17:18 AM:
Oh good, you-know-who left to the home of the crickets. Now maybe we can have reasonable discussions!

Achmed wrote on 01/19/2010 10:25:59 PM:It's been a long day and I'm tired, but before I go to bed I raise a toast. I raise a toast to victory, a toast to a brighter tomorrow. A toast to faux_revolution, to xxxxxxxx (actually xxxxxxxx is pretty cool)

I'm so glad to see that Achmed is a contributing member of ThurstonBlog. We comment, Achmed reads and craps pants.

Aren't you glad they don't hand out guns for discussion forums?

OlyKay wrote on 01/21/2010 08:48:17 AM:
Glenn, I'm not seeing that xxxxxxxxx is demeaning "a gun owner's rights." Just cautioning about their misuse.

glenn wrote on 01/21/2010 08:48:57 AM: xxxxxxxx - Logically and legally wrong? What gave you that idea? The fact that free speech has been protected and expanded and gun rights have been attacked and contracted? Noone here is foolish enough not to know what has happened and is happening. so please don't waste our time with your agenda driven drivel.

...and then glenn wonders why his posts are pulled and eventually the thread closed....

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Crickets chirping?

I guess the new sound of crickets chirping is Achmed and the Olympians.

This doesn't surprise me after watching last night. There were lots of interesting story lines about the Massachusetts senate race, and the majority of the Conservatives were more interested in "I told you so" bullshit.

The press is quick to judge on this - "Obama". No one really wants to discuss what a piss poor race Coakley ran, as it might take away from the drunken power that is one senate seat.

I see today, Obama and the Democrats have decided to slow the pace. Probably good. Find out what the people REALLY don't like and then set up a game plan. Let's face it, the GOP will do nothing other than obstruct and to deny that would be silly. Put a health care insurance reform act together that serves REALLY what the PEOPLE want, and then dig in for reconciliation, if needed.

Welcome to government, democracy style.

Where did it go today?

Why was the LTE comment thread pulled today? I'm gone for a few days, the 20th doesn't appear on the drop-down menu, and it is pulled before 1pm. What happened this time?!

It would be funny if not so tragic

Man suspected of stabbing Wal-Mart manager, police dog pleads not guilty

Stupid headline of the day, week, and maybe year, already

Ah..the new, improved Sondra...

SandraKozlowski wrote on 01/19/2010 07:03:20 AM:
It makes me disheartened that instead of the Governor saying, "we need to have help from the public on this" the message is, " this will be taken away from you because of our management decision making process." I wish that the talents of the general public,plus our passion for our trails would lead the legislators and the Governor to put the trust in us as they ask us to put our trust in them. Several citizens in this Forum alone have stepped up and asked 'What can I do??" Also I have taken my time to go to the Capitol and ask "What can I do?". I was met with hand shaking and nice smiles, but no game plan.TO break the stalemate, someone will have to think out of the box and care. Someone will have to want a solution enough for closure NOT TO BE AN OPTION> I would hope it would be the Governor, because I, for one, am a citizen who would care enough to help!

Isn't she just the sweetest thing??

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Left wing tactics.??

Oh, we are SO mean...

sidrat38 wrote on 01/19/2010 11:38:59 PM:
IamNoOne wrote on 01/19/2010 11:22:14 PM: Looks like today has been a real day at the races, eh?One thing I noticed about the left wing tactics on posting opinions that dont mirror their own. They get personal and mean. If you're goofy enough to follow suit (I'm occasionally guilty of this) then you are almost immediatly branded an illiterate troll, etc.Oh and by the way, "No you can't!"I drive a truck too.=====

As opposed to someone calling Larry the "Boy_from_Vader"??

I'm not sure.....

What the novel avatar is talking about, but I think (he/she) has (his/her) pronouns confused...

handupme wrote on 01/19/2010 11:12:52 PM:
Heh....they (him) went to bed. What a pack of nonsense spread over 300 or more posts today. Yelling at himself under different names then answering himself again. Sigh, meanwhile the names have changed a little bit but the political game continues there and the sock puppett theatre goes on here. They have better control over their forums at craigslist and myspace and that ain't saying much......

Earth Shaking????

merry wrote on 01/19/2010 10:54:01 PM:
Have you noticed the complete absence of news in The Olympian about the earth shaking win in MA? What a rag!
So, what?? That the GOP can be more obstructist??

Let's count the filibusters...




Hard to believe that people can even think this is a GOOD thing..

...(Then again, they think Sarah Palin is some kind of genius...)


Rock_Thrower wrote on 01/19/2010 10:31:51 PM:
Achmed wrote on 01/19/2010 10:25:59 PM:
It's been a long day and I'm tired, but before I go to bed I raise a toast. I raise a toast to victory, a toast to a brighter tomorrow. A toast to faux_revolution, to xxxxxxxx (actually xxxxxxxx is pretty cool), to that guy that runs cricketschirping, to cedar, and to anyone else I missed! Happy Trails!

Funy how the 2 socks want to go to bed at almost the same time

Brown Wins Massachusetts Senate Seat

From all appearances, it looks like Brown has won Ted Kennedy's former Senate seat. Talk is already coming out of the DNC about poor campaining on the part of the Democratic candidate and a few other issues.

There is no sense in crying over spilled milk, so let's talk about what happens from here. The Olympian LTEs are full of childish rhetoric and taunts of celebration. I'm interested in what people really think this says and what happens next.

Your take?

Award Winner!!!

glenn wrote on 01/19/2010 08:53:30 AM:
Go ahead boys and girls and just keep frothing at the mouth. Your attacks at anything conservative speak clearly of your fear of losing the liberal dynasty in DC.

glenn wrote on 01/19/2010 08:51:44 AM:
xxxxxxxxxxxxx - You seem to understand quite clearly what the "intellectually stunted" people are saying. Most "intellectual midgets" do.

glenn....we are awarding you the MMA Debating Skills Award of the Day.

Oh....MMA isn't "Mixed Martial Arts" it's "Mental Masturbation Asshole"

Gruesome Threesome

Olberman's "Worst Person(s) in the World"

How can these people get so clueless?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Violence and Rape?

"Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) lashed out at Scott Brown's Massachusetts senatorial campaign on Monday for adopting "intimidation tactics" that he deemed "reminiscent of the dangerous atmosphere of Sarah Palin's 2008 campaign rallies."
In a post to his own site,
Kerry insisted that reports of out-of-state tea party protesters showing up at Brown rallies, the vandalizing of Martha Coakley signs, and the threats of violence and rape directed at Coakley herself were "not how we do business in Massachusetts."

No wonder Ed Schultz called them bastards and said he'd cheat and vote 10 times.....

Is that a pool cue or are you happy to not see me?

glenn wrote on 01/18/2010 10:56:47 AM:
"animal lover" from Vader (Larry). I was there last night for a pool tournament and the guy serving food and drinks wasn't wearing no stinking bikini. I didn't see any women wearing bikinis either. Maybe he was just trying to preserve our intellect.

Geeeeeeeeeeeez, glenn. You are worse than Indy today. Power outages don't allow for computer use. Do you need me, or something? About 6 times you accused "boy from vader" of being me.

I hope it's just a winter thing.

Pool tournament....serving "intellect"? I have a PHD in Booze Joints and I've never seen a MENSA meeting in one of them....especially a pool league.

Do you have a mullet?

Oh is another....

glenn wrote on 01/18/2010 12:41:20 PM:
It's Larry - I know it is Larry. Larry won't prove anyone wrong - just demands that they prove themselves right. He's a lazy little critter. Larry - if this is so important to you - then prove me wrong and I'll accept it. Otherwise, I'm right until you prove me wrong. Obvuscate? Larry uses that word alot. If you're not Larry - then prove it!

OK, glenn. I didn't have power to run my computer. How's that for proof, you numbnuts!

Oh...and I never use "obvuscate" dipshit!

You make the word "stupid" look smart.

Maybe Glenn needs to read ThurstonBlog more often....
glenn wrote on 01/18/2010 05:10:44 PM: Larry - Noone is fixated on you - we're worried ABOUT you. A person that needs a pile of personalities to feel comfortable with themself is obviously in serious emotional trouble. There is counseling for just such a problem that you are exhibiting. People really do care about you. Every class needs it's clown and these comments wouldn't feel right without you.

LarryHillMusic wrote on 01/18/2010 05:34:03 PM:
Uh...glenn....hate to tell you, but my power has been out until just a little while ago. You've accused me of being everyone but you.Why don't you relax and not worry about me? I'm doing just fine. Take a hint from vaderboy and look at the blog. It's been shut down all day.Now, I'd appreciate if you'll avoid defaming my character by accusing me of having serious emotional issues, when it's you that has been chasing ghosts all day.Let it go, you'll be better for it.

Really, glenn....I'm getting concerned about your obsession and how you love to watch sweaty men wrestle and fight. Leave it alone. You are psychotic....more so than Sondra.

Case of wet pants 3

IndependentVoter wrote on 01/18/2010 10:32:19 AM:
How's those new identities working for you, Larry?

Not so good, Indy......I've been without power. How's that paranoia working for you?

You're better off sticking to subject matter like Obama's birth certificate.

The story is about a 2 year old child being shot because daddy and another driver think that road rage is a video game, but Independent Voter has to worry about what name I'm posting under.

Take your hands from your pants and worry about what is important.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

New style investigative journalism

Have any/all of you read this article in Sunday's Olympian? If not, I recommend it.

Can newspaper muckraking carry on in nonprofits?

One of the new-style journalistic endeavors mentioned in the above article is InvestigateWest (, headquartered in Seattle. If you want to support this 501(c)3 non-profit organization, go to its membership page: "... All members will receive our quarterly updates, an invitation to participate in a monthly conference call with InvestigateWest journalists, and inclusion in a password-protected members discussion forum to on [sic] important topics at the top of today’s news agenda. ..." I would call that putting our money where our mouths are.

Thanks to the Head Klown....

the LTE comments have been taken down. Hope she's proud of herself and her nasty comment!

Glenn Beck Fraud

Beck uses Vicks under eyes for the faux tears

Probably no big stick, so talk loudly

From the Boston Globe:

Surging GOP Senate candidate Scott Brown yesterday warned President Obama to “stay away” from the Bay State during his roiling race against Democratic rival Martha Coakley and not to interfere with their intensifying battle in the campaign’s final days.
“He should stay away and let Martha and I discuss the issues one on one,” Brown said. “The machine is coming out of the woodwork to get her elected. They’re bringing in outsiders, and we don’t need them.”

Wiki - In June 1982, Brown, then a 22-year-old law student at Boston College, posed for a nearly nude centerfold pictorial in Cosmopolitan, with his hand covering his genitals. He won the magazine's "America’s Sexiest Man" contest. When it interviewed him, he referred to himself as "a patriot" and stated that he had political ambitions.[35][11] Brown has also worked as an actor in his early career,[11] appearing in a variety of television commercials.

I'm sure Obama is really worried about Brown's warning....

Gawd NO!!!!!!!!

SondraKovacio wrote on 01/17/2010 06:52:07 PM:
reggie wrote on 01/17/2010 06:49:15 PM:Sondra - you spend 24/7 on the computer so you certainly wouldn't need a TV.No, you just think I do because you think 20 other commenters are me.

The Half-Baked Half Dozen are plenty.

Dig of the day

ReasonedDiscussion wrote on 01/17/2010 05:11:10 PM: ... SK, you are so righteous. It must be a severe burden for you.

Check your Intelligence at the door

sloboda wrote on 01/17/2010 08:35:42 AM:
The_Great_Anon wrote on 01/17/2010 08:22:01 AM: Glenn Beck is a fear mongering idiot. 'Nuff said.There you go again Anon, Beck is not a fear monger nor an idiot. He's a passionate man who believes his Country is headed for major economic and foriegn policy problems. It seems to me your jealous of Beck because he might actually be right which in turn would then make you wrong!!!

Yesterday, Slowboat questioned Obama's intelligence....and I don't mean the CIA. we are.....for the 4,987,290,387,456th time......THE WORD IS "YOU'RE"!

sloboda wrote on 01/17/2010 05:42:44 PM:
ReasonedDiscussion You say they are oppressed. You are of coarse blind

OF COURSE, Obama isn't educated

Saturday, January 16, 2010

All hail reggie!

All hail reggie's ingenuity in naming the snakes in the grass at Faux Gnus!

reggie wrote on 01/16/2010 09:28:42 PM: The diva count is through the roof at FAUX now - Bill O'Loofa, "Per Diem" Palin, Sean insHannity, "CryBaby" Beck... and I hear Lou-cifer Dobbs wants back in too.

Candidate for the "leaving yourself wide open for that" award

Achmed wrote on 01/16/2010 04:54:40 PM: My suggestion...They should add an unrecommend (or thumbs down like on Youtube).

Does the Olympian allow enough space for the number of "thumbs down" that K Krowd will earn per comment? [snicker]

Control Freak

SondraKovacio wrote on 01/16/2010 06:37:18 PM:
Yannow, I take that back. It's more of a toss-up between going on and on and on and on about the "recommend" deallios that no one else pays any attention to and your obsession with all your "new" "friends" that pop up every day and this "identity" crisis you people have.It's so obvious it's...hysterical.

That little file cabinet you call a brain is about to explode, isn't it? But....isn't the "friends" deal Achmed's?

Identical crisis?

Global Warming 101

Check this out for charts and stats on the Cascade Snowpack.

I meandered into a 2005 documentary movie on Encore this morning when they were talking about the Cascade Mountain Snowpack, explaining how a low snowpack doesn't allow for the right water flow from the mountains, thus poor irrigation to the east side, thus crop reduction, etc, etc, etc. I'll try to find the name of the movie so that others can cop a view.

They filmed a crew doing snowpack measurements on the eastern slope of the Cascades and went into areas where, traditionally, at the same time of year and location, the pack would have been several feet (they were transported in a grooming vehicle). They were literally driving over brush and there were scant inches here and there, where the sun hadn't melted the snow.

I was left to remember the numerous trips that I've made over Snoqualmie Pass and the level of the lake at the top of the pass, controlled by the dam. There was once an island in the middle that summer campers could boat to and camp out. I haven't seen a time in at least 10 years when you couldn't drive out there now. Even in the heavy snow years (2009), they still can't fill the lake, that once filled every year. Similarily, Alder Lake, in Pierce County hasn't filled in years. I've made literally hundreds of drives past there in the 1960s with my parents, heading for Packwood. I think the same could be said for Riffe Lake in Lewis County.

It seems that the Conservative side of our state, where fruit orchards are King, understands the problem. Why can't they educate their breathern in the cities?


RedForeman wrote on 01/16/2010 04:22:13 PM:
Yes, things are going swimmingly in Venezuela, so well in fact that they are imposing rolling blackouts. The resevoir that supplys 90% of their electricity is low, supposedly from global warming. Guess they better get some diesel generators and start using their oil. Oh wait, that causes global warming. What to do? What to do?

A picture perfect example of the problem. I wonder how the Yakima Valley Orchardists would enjoy Red's comedy act? I'll pay for the bus ticket and arrange the booking for their next meeting.

Need a geek

FranklyFrank wrote on 01/16/2010 01:03:28 PM:
just one more thought - to monitor if someone is here all day every day doesn't that require that the monitor be here all day every day?forgive me but I'm a logic based computer geek

Come visit ThurstonBlog, Frank! I always need advise

Nice Try.....

IndependentVoter wrote on 01/16/2010 10:46:23 AM:
Watch and see if another rushes in to fill the gap.Then come back and comment on my earlier post.Prove me wrong.

It's called the law of supply and demand, Dipshit. If the present patient load heads wherever the good Doc lands (if she's giving up practice entirely, I'll eat my hat). She will mostlikely set up shop with a clinic and send out "Hey, I'm Here!" letters.

If she can retire at age 55, then her bad run in business didn't hurt her too bad. (Wanna bet she was an LLC to protect her personal assets?)

Regardless, a tentative health care insurance reform had nothing to do with this, as you stupidly tried to say.

Right Wing Lies

Achmed wrote on 01/16/2010 11:40:56 AM:
Happened to catch Danny Glover's comments on Haiti's earthquake being caused by global warming and the failed climate summit in Copenhagen. Since Danny's so sure this is the earth's retribution, and since he is such a devout and humble servant of the left, why is he sitting safely doing a television interview when he could be on the scene saving lives, if not the planet? Guess the TV exposure is better than putting himself at risk. What a brave-hearted liberal is he!

Now....there are two looks at the same exact video. Watch the dialog between Achmed and newcomer "FranklyFrank":

Achmed wrote on 01/16/2010 12:09:59 PM:
Wrong starting at 1:50 in the video... "What happened in Haiti could happen anywhere in the Caribbean because all these island nations are in peril because of global warming.” happened in Haiti? An earthquake, so he did say that. Nice try though "FranklyFrank".And no Wally's Pal, there is not a big difference. Notice I never defended what Pat Robertson said. But as expected you lefties are jumping to defend an equally stupid comment from an activist on the left. So predictable that I can set my watch by it.

Achmed wrote on 01/16/2010 12:13:18 PM:
Oh, "FranklyFrank" Googled it!!! LOL, I provided the actual video, watch for yourself. Unless you want to believe the fair and balanced Huffpo.

FranklyFrank wrote on 01/16/2010 12:14:24 PM: "Achmed".

FranklyFrank wrote on 01/16/2010 12:15:13 PM:
I don't think prisonplanet will pass for huffpo

Achmed wrote on 01/16/2010 12:16:31 PM:
Another quote from the video"the climate summit in Copenhagen, this is the response, this is what happens, you know what I’m saying? We have to act now!” So what happened? An earthquake. So not acting in Copenhagen caused the earthquake. Why? Because we failed to do anything about global warming which in Danny Glover's mind causes earthquakes. You can try to spin it any way you like, his words are his words.

Achmed wrote on 01/16/2010 12:17:38 PM:
Again, I provided the actual video. Keep trying Larry

FranklyFrank wrote on 01/16/2010 12:20:00 PM:
I just viewed both sites, the one I provided and the one Achmed provided. The video is identical.Why make something up?Who is this Larry everyone seems to be fixated with? anyone can see, if you just take a moment to watch the video, as I did, and others did, Glover's statement is so terribly misquoted, the media should be embarrassed. But in MY research, I found that the only people grasping on this are still saying Obama was born in Kenya.

More did MY NAME enter into this????????

Achmed is so obsessed about making sure that I'm her problem that I've now become everyone, other than me.

Of course....I'm the one that is causing a problem on the comments thread. I already exposed myself briefly, but the moderator pulled the comment because I referenced ThurstonBlog (I guess, in OlympianSpeak, you can reference any site you want except Thurstonblog)


ReasonedDiscussion wrote on 01/16/2010 01:01:49 PM:
I went directly to the GRITtv site and watched the clip. Sure enough, Mr Glover was referring to the devastation caused by disasters, natural or anthropogenic. Earthquakes, floods, storms, sea level rise, you name it, the Caribbean nations are vulnerable, especially the really poor ones like Haiti.

Looks like Frankly Frank, me and Reasoned agree.

Candidate for most humorous comment of the day

The_Great_Anon wrote on 01/16/2010 10:39:06 AM:

Thus wrote SK: "I smell sulfur..."

Must not make bathroom joke, Must not make bathroom joke about SK.

Ah, that's better.

Peace be unto you SK.

Do you read what you post?

cheeseburger wrote on 01/16/2010 11:17:13 AM:
"has anyone ever checked the number of times Limbaugh says "uh"That would be less than obama and napolitano put together. are telling us that one person says "uh" less than two people? Brilliant!!! Although I question the accuracy of the statement

Who am I?

Achmed wrote on 01/16/2010 10:42:32 AM:
"this is not going to end well today at all..."Of course not. You-know-who is posting again today. Notice 2 days in the LTE section without him and there is peace. He comes back and mayhem. I hope the Olympian is paying attention to who the real problem is on this board.

Now that Achmed knows (by reading ThurstonBlog) that I have posted under a name other than "LarryTheStableGuy", the PuppetShow begins.

Hey....Achy.....since you know I'm posting.....what's my name, Joe?

By the way Dipshit...I never left....which really destroys the crap out of your theory. I was right there during the "two days" and the Klowns didn't have a target. Sondra tried, but FAILED.

IndependentVoter wrote on 01/16/2010 10:56:09 AM:
How's those new identities working out for you, Larry?
Recommend (0) Report abuse

cheeseburger wrote on 01/16/2010 10:55:33 AM:
New poster reggie seems to be familiar with Larry...........
Recommend (0) Report abuse

Should I report self abuse??? You two couldn't find your way out of a wet paper bag with a razor blade

Indy....go change your wet yourself again.....

Late breaking news!!!

I gave Cheese and Indy a "recommend"......LMAO

More Late Breaking News!!!
Frankly Frank's first comment on: 'Tea Party' activists rally at Capitol at 1/15/2010 9:44 PM PST on The Olympian
Someone said there was only 1 rebel flag in a group of 300 and that wasn't representative. I guess 300 in a state of 6,000,000 isn't representative either

Kinda shoots the shit out of Achmed's conspiracy theory that everything was fine on Friday because Frankly Frank - aka me in Achmed's mind - hadn't posted.

Check his birth certificate....

sloboda wrote on 01/16/2010 09:49:55 AM:
Also you liberals are always bragging about Obama's intelligence. What proof do you have to back up your statements. He was editor of the Harvard Law review. Maybe so! But he is the only editor of the Harvard Law review that never published. Transcripts hidden at Obama direction. Granted he is a excellent speaker when he reads the speech off the teleprompter. Off the cuff comments duhhhhh! The proof is in the pudding show me the pudding!!!

If the proof is in the pudding, Slowboat, you are a shining example of conservatism, since at least half the time your grammar is less than the quality of a 5th grader.

As to "reading off teleprompters", Rush Limbaugh is full of "uh's" during his broadcasts and you'd better believe he's got plenty of feed coming his way.

9 "uh's" in 35 seconds

DUH Award of the Day

SondraKovacio wrote on 01/16/2010 08:27:57 AM:
All illegal immigrants are criminals.

We'll see if we can make you an icon to post on your blog.

The betting line....

Someone with a hot hand is moderating at The Daily O today. An earlier comment including the words "silent white majority" is gone and I think a couple others were gobbled up.

From what I see on the LTE comments, I'm betting it closes before 5pm today.

But...there's no racism.....

Is it just circumstantial that Jesse Helms, well known racist called Martin Luther King a "Marxist" and the Birthers/Teabaggers have adopted the same tag for Barack Obama?

Jesus Christ!!!

SondraKovacio wrote on 01/15/2010 10:39:08 PM:
Fascinating. I never knew there was a ban on any celebration of Martin Luther King's birthday. That must be why no one here even thought to mention it...let alone be aware of it...let alone celebrate his birthday on the day he was actually born.You people are such sticklers for reminding everyone that Jesus wasn't born on Dec. 24th...

Using your convoluted crap as a logical guide, if Jesus was born on December 24th, why celebrate his birth on December 25th?

For the history challenged:

Senator Jesse Helms (R-North Carolina) led opposition to the bill and questioned whether King was important enough to receive such an honor. He also criticized King's opposition to the Vietnam War and accused him of espousing "action-oriented Marxism". (fascinating.....the "M" word.....sound recently familiar?)

Another forgettable moment - Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) voted against the creation of the holiday to honor King, and later defended Arizona Republican Governor Evan Mecham's rescinding of the state holiday in honor of King created by his Democratic predecessor. After his opposition grew increasingly untenable, McCain reversed his position, and encouraged his home state of Arizona to recognize the holiday despite opposition from Mecham.

Bottom line: Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a United States holiday marking the birthdate of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., observed on the third Monday of January each year, around the time of King's birthday, January 15.

Sort of like President's Day, that we old folks remember was the combination of Lincoln's and Washington's birthdays, that were once celebrated on February 16 and 22 respectively.

My suggestion to Sondra is that if you aren't old enough to remember this stuff, use that computer sitting in front of you for something other than Beavis and Butthead humor.

Intellectually Challenged Voter

IndependentVoter wrote on 01/16/2010 07:38:30 AM:
Accountability?Let's start with The President and his place of birth.

IndependentVoter wrote on 01/16/2010 07:34:50 AM:
Just a sample of the exodus from the medical industry that will be brought on by nationalized care schemes that cripple the deliverers of medical care.

Now, the LTE quote is just some of the stupidity we have learned to accept from old Indy, but the quote for the story on the Obstetrics doctor closing her practice proves that the dipshit doesn't even read the story. As noted by my friend DJW: "Just from the story (and a former Dr. who worked with Dr. Gage) I'm thinking she just failed to realize the market she was getting into."

I've been making light of Indy for some time, as taking him seriously becomes a scarey proposition. Maybe, when The Olympian worries about context, they might moderate this sort of crap out of their newspaper.

Friday, January 15, 2010

sparkle asked in the comments on the tea baggers article....

sparkle wrote on 01/15/2010 11:20:30 AM:

Interesting, I was not aware that comments about some "Tea Party Rally" was the venue to discuss MLK birthday, life, accomplishments, or holiday.

Can somebody please explain what the correlation is, and our need to bring it up on this forum?

It's like this, sparkle. The Head Klown got her fingers slapped and a comment hidden when she took a swipe at Sarahanna, so she did her usual thing by diverting to another topic. That's all it is.....

The Head Klown of the K Krowd was on the receiving end tonight

Klown took a swipe at "Sarahanna" and earned the right to have her comment hidden.

Sarahanna held her ground: sondra whuts yer problem? do you think you own the olympian or something?

reggie followed with: SK - if you worked, maybe you'd understand.

fka_spinnaker wrapped it up with this: Interesting the way you tried to twist the argument, though. I talked about opposition, and you chose to turn that into a 'ban.' After all this time, Sondra, you haven't changed a bit.

The Olympian is TIME-CHALLENGED!

On the comments on the "'Tea Party' activists rally" article the time stamps on the morning comments said "AM", at noon they changed to "PM", but at 1:02 in the afternoon, the time stamps reverted to "AM" again!!! Time will tell what happens at midnight.

America's Shame

How low can you go?

98507 submitted this:

Another video clip: Jon Stewart knows the cause of Limbaugh’s heart trouble– he doesn’t have one!


SondraKovacio wrote on 01/15/2010 02:56:46 PM:
K wrote on 01/15/2010 02:08:35 PM:the largest incomes get the largest breaks

Those with the largest incomes pay most of our taxes

This is the biggest lameass excuse I've ever seen. If there was a flat tax, the ones with the most money would pay the most taxes also. Watch a millionaire scream when you talk about flat tax with no deductions.

Now if that isn't...........

Achmed wrote on 01/15/2010 12:24:20 PM:
"Are you opposed to the immediate repeal of Bush's tax cuts? This won't affect 98% of Americans, and especially will not effect the great majority of tea-baggers."WRONG, more misinformation. See actual tax brackets before and after the 2003 Bush cuts. Almost all income levels got a tax break.Single people 2002 2003Income level Tax rate Income level Tax rate $27,950 - $67,700 27% $28,400 - $68,800 25% $67,700 - $141,250 30% $68,800 - $143,500 28% $141,250 - $307,050 35% $143,500 - $311,950 33% over $307,050 38.6% over $311,950 35% Married people filing jointly$46,700 - $112,850 27% $56,800 - $114,650 25% $112,850 - $171,950 30% $114,650 - $174,700 28% $171,950 - $307,050 35% $174,700 - $311,950 33% over $307,050 38.6% over $311,950 35%
(I'll not try to tab this as I think it's BS anyway)

No one else would try such a convoluted "prove me wrong" post on a thread......oh...and of source to double check.

Take a peek at the digging job I did on her last set of numbers quote on Fanny Mae "Contributions". "The Whole Truth...."

I stole the target

Achmed wrote on 01/15/2010 12:41:01 PM:
Things are much more peaceful and civil in here the last 2 days. I'm not sure why, but it is nice. I may look mean and scary, but I'm a softy at heart!

You's almost predictable how the Puppet Show starts this crap. Funny part is I've never left, as can be seen on ThurstonBlog. I just took away the target for the Puppet Show shooting gallery.

Also, take a look at how soft the LTEs are. Throw in a good homosexual rant or a "TESC is the problem with the world" and watch the shit hit the fan. There is plenty of crap flying on the first lead page article and I've been posting.....just not under the old name.

Save your schtick for the rubes at The Olympian. When someone creates a half dozen characters to stir shit with one person in the conversation, they try to make it look like I'm the common denominator, thus, remove me and the problem is solved.

Achmed....basically....what I'm "screw you, I never left, except in your mind" People smarter than me have been changing their handle once a day or once a week. I'll probably do the same. If nothing else, it keeps IndyFelcher wetting his pants.


Achmed wrote on 01/15/2010 01:02:36 AM:
Angry Randy, yes I agree. It is like people that on one day say they will no longer be posting in the Olympian and then the next day they admit they are posting under a different name. In other words, they are liars!

Nope....In other words....I play the game better than you.....SUCKER!!!! LMAO


sparkle wrote on 01/15/2010 01:15:46 AM:
Achmed wrote on 01/15/2010 01:02:36 PM: Angry Randy, yes I agree. It is like people that on one day say they will no longer be posting in the Olympian and then the next day they admit they are posting under a different name. In other words, they are liars!Where is the O's time stamp on that statement, I believe I missed it. Was it in the LTE's?

Get 'er, Sparky!!!

and then the ever predictable....
SondraKovacio wrote on 01/15/2010 02:14:01 AM:
sparkle @ 01/15/2010 01:15:46 PM, why would you axe that question?