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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Beck BooHoo Award of the Day

cheeseburger wrote on 12/30/2009 04:56:00 PM: What if we don't WANT you to use OUR comments on your blog?

cheeseburger wrote on 12/30/2009 04:54:47 PM: You'll also notice we don't care to participate on your blog!
Caught ya peekin' Cheesey....
If you don't want to "participate" don't read it. That is participating.

Tip of the hat to the Daily O for providing a format for the Ditz of the Daily

We also take note that SondraK of claims to have taken two attempts at reading Thurstonblog. Maybe if I went back to the old days of 8 grade reading level as the accepted norm.........

I'll try to use more Beavis and Butthead type humor, as well as rollovers of my ass and "Buck Ofama" underwear ads to highten interest and steal her reader base.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Pants on Fire, Part 2

IndependentVoter wrote on 12/27/2009 06:49:30 PM:
Larry is mean and doesn't play nice. He has a hate site where he and his friends call me nasty names that couldn't be posted here.

This would be a real nice time to recap anything that has been posted on Thurstonblog concerning old Indy/Joe:

Not enough long in the schlong?
You asked for got asked for got it.....
Put down the pipe, Indy/Joe
For the pleasure of Indy/Joe

There are the links to blogs about Indy/Joe. Now I will admit that I mistakenly referred to him as "Joe the Impotent" because I, like many, thought his avatar was pimping Viagra. But as Not enough long in the schlong? will clarify, I was incorrect. His avatar promotes a product for men who don't think their equipment is large enough. So, for that mistake, I profoundly apologize.

Otherwise, as usual, Indy/Joe is full of shit and a liar to boot.

But we already knew that.

Friday, December 25, 2009

From Anonymous 98507

Happy Humbug Season's greetings to all the posters and readers of ThurstonBlog!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Can I buy a vowel?

SondraKovacio wrote on 12/24/2009 08:33:14 AM: LarryTheStableGuy wrote on 12/24/2009 08:18:19 AM:We don't need to hire anyone to infiltrate right wing terrorist groups. They post daily here.
Wow. I'm sure that you think that makes conservatives angry but it doesn't. It makes you look like someone who equates those who happen to have different opinions from you to terrorists.
There's a word for that."
It didn't bother her so much, that she had to respond

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

But they aren't racists

henrythe8thiam wrote on 12/23/2009 08:23:31 PM:
larry merry christmas you commie fa^.you and your mixed raced family

I'm so glad that the Christians are following Jesus' example.

A marriage made in heaven

The John Birch Society is a sponsor of the 2010 CPAC Conference.

Have a laugh.......

Far be it from me to provide any reason for anyone to visit, but this is an exception. Dennis somebodyorotherblogger has named her site "Humor Blog of the Year", or some likewise title.

I'm guessing that Dennis was a big Beavis and Butthead fan, but I digress..

Sondra got her hand slapped for referring to our friend "Sparkle" with a derogatory word in Urban lexicon that also means "paste". The Daily O was advised and warned her to knock if off or hit the highway.

She is now referring to Sparkle as "parkle", which brought up this post:

"vanillapost wrote on 12/23/2009 04:36:49 PM:
ondra, you might want to spray out your eyboard. Just a uggestion."

Hey Dennis! You want humor? Look no further than The Daily Olympian's threads.

Submitted by Anonymous 98507....

<>Glenn Beck Named ‘Misinformer’ of 2009by Ann Murray-YavarDec 23rd, 2009 1:14 PM

Media Matters For America has named Fox News anchor Glenn Beck the ‘2009 Misinformer of the Year.’

The organization cited Beck’s “disturbing use of race and race-baiting” (which caused 80 advertisers to drop their ads from his show), “red scare” strategies of calling leading political figures communists, popularizing Sarah Palin’s use of the term “death panels” in the health-care debate, fostering comparisons between the current administration and Nazi Germany, as well as encouraging “violent, anti-government rhetoric” and a belief and support of “wild conspiracies.”

“Each year, Media Matters has the difficult task of determining which media figure has been the most prolific and influential purveyor of conservative misinformation,” Media Matters president Eric Burns said in a statement. “But this year, our choice was easy. Glenn Beck’s paranoid conspiracy theories, disturbing use of race and race-baiting, and tea-party cheerleading made him a shoo-in for Misinformer of the Year for 2009.”

Media Matters, which was launched in 2004 by journalist and author David Brock, describes itself as a “not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) progressive research and information center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media.” The organization utilizes content analysis, fact-checking, and media-monitoring to track the American media arena.

Glenn Beck is the host of ‘The Glenn Beck Program’ on Fox News. He is a former Top 40 Radio DJ, author and publisher, and former CNN anchor.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Now I'm..................................over here

SondraKovacio wrote on 12/22/2009 02:26:19 PM:
rosetta_stoned wrote on 12/22/2009 12:59:41 PM:Good grief. Is it possible for you liberals to accept responsibility for ANYTHING? Ever?

I can't wait for us to get blamed for the piece of crap health care fiasco.

They'll blame us because we don't own ONE BIT of it......

US???????? is "WE" now an "US" with the Republican Party???? Last time I heard it was a "Conservative" and not a "Republican".

Grab a line and run with it.....

We do pretty pictures, too!
Thanks to Polling Report for the graphic. But here is the meat and potatoes....

54 Approve
44 Disapprove
10 Difference

NBC/Wall St. Journal
47 Approve
46 Disapprove
1 Difference

AP-GfK *
56 Approve
42 Disapprove
14 Difference

USA Today/Gallup
49 Approve
46 Disapprove
3 Difference

ABC/Washington Post
50 Approve
46 Disapprove
4 Difference

49 Approve
40 Disapprove
9 Difference

50 Approve
44 Disapprove
6 Difference

Battleground LV
49 Approve
45 Disapprove
4 Difference

CBS/New York Times
50 Approve
39 Disapprove
11 Difference

54 Approve
41 Disapprove
13 Difference

Marist RV
46 Approve
44 Disapprove
2 Difference

49 Approve
49 Disapprove
0 Difference

Now....for you intellectually honest people....who is missing?
You guessed'er, Chester......Rasmussen.
The good folks at Polling Report must have gotten tired of explaining that
Rasmussen was vastly different than all of the other polls.
It's so nice to use sources that have credibility and are not shills for the Republican Party.
The Right has forsaken FOX for Rasmussen to get the answer they want.

New name, same schtick

JWilson wrote on 12/22/2009 03:05:27 PM:
blame it on the vast right wing conspiracy reasoned.thats why your a jerk off

JWilson, aka RenMan, Alex and gawd knows what other creation demonstrates a classic example of why the little twit gets tossed off the LTEs more than anyone known to civilized man.

Of course I think the entire puppet show is none other know who.....

Pants on fire!


"todaze Lympian
Not satisfied with being too retarded to be aware that that it was President Obama I was quoting, todaze Lympian leaps boundaries, takes it over the edge and attributes it to me:

Keeping score of what? And why? Furthermore, I’m not your brother. If I were, I’d seriously consider urging our father to do an honor killing on you. "

One slight problem.....that quote wasn't on The Olympian, it was on Thurstonblog.

"Anonymous98507 said...
Keeping score of what? And why?(Furthermore, I'm not your brother. If I were, I'd seriously consider urging our father to do an honor killing on you.)"

I wonder if she goes out of her way to be wrong and make false statements, or is just plain stupid and doesn't know the difference.

oh...and BTW.....From "The Hill"

“Don’t think we’re not keeping score, brother,” Obama told DeFazio during a closed-door meeting of the House Democratic Caucus, according to members afterward.

I wonder how THAT heresay would stand up in court??????

Burn, baby, burn!

Monday, December 21, 2009


They're calling it "The Lie of the Year"

Oh puuuuuuulllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaase!!!!

" SondraKovacio wrote on 12/21/2009 07:06:16 PM: IndependentVoter, just don't start a blog about Larry's comments on the Olympian forum because that would be mental"

This is from the person whose blog was headed with
"Emma is a (euphamism for vagina that I refuse to use)

Not enough long in the schlong?

Now you know you've seen this picture used as an avatar in The Olympian, your local family newspaper. Lots of people make the same mistake as I did, thinking he was the shill for Viagra, that helps men with impotency issues.

Nope!!! Pardon the pun, but ....."close, but no cigar!

Old Smiling Bob is the character for Enzyte, a supposed "male enhancement" solution. Yeah...the old schlong could be working just fine, but Enzyte users just don't think they are packing enough centimeters South of the Border.

"Before the law caught up with them for fraud, the makers of Enzyte intermittently ran a short late-night TV infomercial. Enzyte claimed to be a "male enhancement" formula. Bob, the star of the infomercial and supposed satisfied user of Enzyte, was constantly shown with this goofy but confident shit-eating smile on his face. " is pimping Smiling Bob around your family read news website? The same guy that posted this about Kevin Jennings:

IndependentVoter wrote on 12/21/2009 06:21:17 PM:
You get over it, Larry. Your man appointed a person that 80% of America would find disgusting.

Hopefully, Mrs. Voter isn't reading The Olympian Comments threads.

Got a turd in your pocket?

From The O....

SondraKovacio wrote on 12/21/2009 04:53:49 PM:
Congrats, you're all going to get your stinking bill. Don’t think we’re not keeping score, brother.

WHO IS WE??????

For glenn's team of attorneys....

OlyKay wrote on 12/21/2009 07:58:39 AM:
Looks like the "let's keep the moderates and lefts from expressing themselves" censors are at it again. Hopefully, the Olympian won't let them take over this thread as they have others.

Here we go....Deletions since the 12/21 LTEs were posted. I'll add to them during the day. Notice the common thread.

Merciful_Fate wrote on 12/21/2009 02:34:47 AM:
This comment has been hidden and is pending site review. Click here if you wish to view.
I agree with Zachary on one point. Most Conservative Christians don't disapprove of Obama because he is black, most conservative Christians disapprove of Obama because he is a Democrat, and that is what they are told to do.

PAX wrote on 12/21/2009 03:37:09 AM:
This comment has been hidden and is pending site review. Click here if you wish to view.
And most Liberal Christians support him because his ideas are more in line with those expressed by Christ -- social justice, helping less fortunate, respecting others... I do wish he were better able to carry through with some of them, but the conservatives and the policies of the former administration tie his hands in many cases. Time for the "conservative Christians" and "Religious Right" to see past the politics that seem to control their religious views and work towards following the teachings of Jesus. Instead of labeling Christ's teachings in the Bible as Communist/Socialist/etc, try to apply them in your daily lives and in our Nation's policies, not as a theocracy, but with the idea of doing what is right and good.

Lemming wrote on 12/21/2009 06:27:19 AM:
This comment has been hidden and is pending site review. Click here if you wish to view.
"...on this blog so biased to the left."That's the funniest thing I've read all morning. Thank you.

LarryTheStableGuy wrote on 12/21/2009 03:41:57 PM:
This comment has been hidden and is pending site review. Click here if you wish to view.
"Larry I agree with you, most people including the Senators and CongressCritters don't have a clue what this bill will really do."Thanks for agreeing, but our agreement is on two different levels. First - there was this big gripe about a 2,000 page bill. Well now...let's think who wins if the bill is complicated and difficult for the people to understand? Do the words "fine print" come to mind? The next big deal was the "mandatory insurance" part of the bill. GREAT FAUX CONCERN!!! Who wins the "mandatory" issue? INSURANCE COMPANIES!!!They've been re-writing the bill through surrogettes in Congressional offices using the language provided by lobbyists....then....set up a huge broohaha over a faux issue..... It's the proverbial change of pace pitch.As 100 Americans what this bill is and you'll get 100 answers.
Recommend (0) Report abuse

LarryTheStableGuy wrote on 12/21/2009 03:35:13 PM:
This comment has been hidden and is pending site review. Click here if you wish to view.
There is nothing that the GOP would love better than to hang the errors of the Bush Administration on Obama and the Democrats.Unless the United States has gone completely brain dead, it's not going to be a successful endeavor.History cannot be changed.
Recommend (0) Report abuse

LarryTheStableGuy wrote on 12/21/2009 03:26:57 PM:
This comment has been hidden and is pending site review. Click here if you wish to view.
To avoid further re-writing of the Vietnam War and post-war era...."The Vietnam War, also known as the Second Indochina War, was a Cold War military conflict that occurred in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia from September 26, 1959 to April 30, 1975."Jimmy Carter was elected in November of 1976.

MarilynT wrote on 12/21/2009 02:40:45 PM:
This comment has been hidden and is pending site review. Click here if you wish to view.
Local-guy: I am convinced that the GOP will do anything to gain control of the Congress and the White House and that means taking down Obama and what better way to do that then to be sure the biggest issue on his domestic agenda fails?
Recommend (0) Report abuse

LarryTheStableGuy wrote on 12/21/2009 02:40:31 PM:
This comment has been hidden and is pending site review. Click here if you wish to view.
" Docent wrote on 12/21/2009 02:20:25 PM: The vast majority of American do not want this health care bill so why are Democrats going to vote it into law?Bush was a better president than Obama, by far!"Two false statements in a two statement post.The "vast majority" of Americans DON'T KNOW what is in the health bill anymoreStatement #2 - grind it up for your garden and something will grow.Local, since I lived throught the Carter Administration, I know the challenges Jimmy Carter took on. Did it dawn on you that Carter replaced Gerald Ford? Now why didn't Gerry get re-elected? Carter inherited the CLASSIC POST WAR inflation (just like you know who) and was judged soley by the "economy". Carter's biggest wrong was getting TOO "hands on", which is what the GOP would love you to think that Obama is NOT doing - aka "nothing".I won't even begin to touch Grant or Wilson....except...doesn't "post war inflation" land on both of them also?
Recommend (0) Report abuse

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mine don't qualify for the laugh of the day....

but it sure was funny....

LarryTheStableGuy wrote on 12/20/2009 01:37:27 PM:
" glenn wrote on 12/20/2009 01:19:37 PM: My lawyers are watching and recording everything. Keep it up Olympian - your day is coming."Hey Marilyn! Didya see this???glenn has lawyers that are watching and going to take up with The Olympian that your and my comments were inappropriately hidden.

But you're spending your grandchildren's future....

From USA Today

Laughs of the Day......

Editors Note: I thought I'd just add to this during the day, so it may change from time to time.

From your local Daily O....
SondraKovacio wrote on 12/20/2009 10:08:59 AM:
MarilynT @ 12/20/2009 08:10:03 AM: Is it possible for you to simply state your position without the hateful intolerant and insulting disqualifiers simply because some come to different conclusions and have different opinion than yours? Your insults come across loud and clear while your opinion is cloaked in seething hatred of others.

glenn wrote on 12/20/2009 01:19:37 PM: My lawyers are watching and recording everything. Keep it up Olympian - your day is coming

IndependentVoter wrote on 12/20/2009 02:10:09 PM:
Vote for David Hedrick.

IndependentVoter wrote on 12/20/2009 07:35:28 PM:
Ray Stevens has a good song and video out about Obamacare.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Send me links to photos and humor

I'm not guaranteeing all will run, but let's see how this works

Thanks Anon

I'm not sure what happened, and I see a different screen than you do, with other features.

Keep me posted

Deleted comment

Mark Wood is going to whine to the high heavens because I'm rejecting a comment "he" made directed at the post and research done on the subject of inappropriate comments on newspaper threads.

Mark, if you want to discuss female sexual parts, I know Sondra puts that kind of stuff on the top of her blog, proudly, I might add.

Aside from that, had you been able to deliver one piece of information or discussion that had anything to do with the research or the subject, as you know, I'd post it. I've given you top billing on blogs.

As Sondra once said......"start your own blog". Meanwhile, I call the shots here

Sorry....I forgot to say....thanks for reading Thurstonblog!

Manure du jour....

“In the state of Virginia as long as the umbilical cord is attached and the placenta is still in the mother, if the baby comes out alive the mother can do whatever she wants to with that baby to kill it.“, says Investigator Tracy Emerson. “She could shoot the baby, stab the baby. As long as it’s still attached to her in some form by umbilical cord or something it’s no crime in the state of Virginia.“…

This is from "Hot Air".....aka Michelle Malkin trying to look less Extremist
Here's another piece of shit...I mean work from Malkin:
Public school lunacy of the day
By Michelle Malkin • December 15, 2009 10:02 AM
A second-grader in Taunton, MA was kicked out of school, suspended, and ordered to undergo a mental evaluation for…
…drawing a picture of Jesus Christ on the cross.
Then the REAL STORY........
The story smacked of religious bias during the Christmas season: An elementary school allegedly suspended a second-grader, it went, and required the boy to undergo a psychological evaluation after he drew a picture of Jesus Christ on the cross.
But today, Taunton school officials challenged the account, first reported in the Taunton Daily Gazette and later repeated by the boy's father. The reports have created a media frenzy in this city south of Boston.
Julie Hackett, superintendent of Taunton Public Schools, said the student was never suspended and that neither he nor other students at the Maxham Elementary School were asked by their teacher to sketch something that reminded them of Christmas or any religious holiday, as the newspaper reported and the father suggested.
She said it was unclear whether the boy -- who put his name above his stick-figure portrait of Christ on the cross -- even drew it in school.
"The inaccuracies in the original media story have resulted in a great deal of criticism and scrutiny of the system that is unwarranted," she said.
She said the boy's drawing was seen as a potential cry for help when the student identified himself, rather than Jesus, as the figure on the cross, which sparked the teacher to alert the school's principal and staff psychologist. She declined to comment on whether the teacher had reason to believe that the student might be crying out for help.
She added: "Religion had nothing to do with this at all.''
Hackett pointed out that Taunton is known as "The Christmas City."
Now....boys and girls....since when did crucifixion have to do with Christmas? Of course it has nothing to do with Christmas. Any child so fixated on crucifixion should get the advantage of a little time with a professional to determind what kind of shit his parents are filling him with.
Back to the top.....I'm betting that Malkin's research on the "birth/death" story sucks as bad as her work on the kid's picture story.
What a hack!

From Anonymous 98507:

Editor's Note: This was submitted as a comment to "Down Again", but I felt it deserved it's own blog. Comments are welcome!

I decided to do a bit of research and found the following among other things:
This is exactly on-topic about newspapers and readercomments.
Earlier blog, same topic as previous one."Newspapers
take renewed aim at the comment cesspool"
"Lawyers Try to Censor Anonymous Website Comments" The opposite situation of what glenn is complaining about.
“Newspaper website not liable for reader comments" A UK site so not exactly applicable here in the US but still interesting.

Down again.......

Based on an email I just found upon arriving at home, The Olympia LTE thread is shut down again.

From what was sent to me, it appears that true lunacy has settled it - talk of suing The Olympian on the basis of "censorship"??????????

Hey, Dipsticks....The Olympian doesn't have to let anyone post a damn thing on their website, regardless of what you 10 cent lawyers say. No...make that 5 cent.....

You idiots rave about the Hannitys, Becks and Limbaughs of this world who are the biggest censors around. Try to get past their screener if you don't tow the party line.....

Get ready.....this is just a taste of things to come. The O is mad as hell and ain't gonna take it anymore....

Friday, December 18, 2009

Wanted to try out illustration feature

I thought this would be a perfect piece of art for our lurkers.

I'm having to laugh my ass off as I see posts from this blog temporarily pasted on The Olympian, as well as the commentary that ends up on The O threads about their dislike for my little communication tool.

It always reminds me of the joke about the old lady calling the police about an obscene phone call and saying "that nasty man went on for 45 minutes saying the most filthy things"

They hate me, but they just can't seem to get enough of me.


You asked for got asked for got it.....

IndependentVoter wrote on 12/18/2009 06:45:34 AM: Good letter, Michael. The supporters of socialism and an enslaved populace will be furious with you. Congratulations.

IndependentVoter wrote on 12/18/2009 08:29:50 PM: Michael sure wrote a good letter.

Hey, Indy/Joe! Between your fascination with fecal matter in the men's room and your obsession with gay men's sex, we need you to take a moment and tell us if Mike wrote a good letter.

Reading Indy/Joe is like watching the character that plays Debra Winger's dad on "Forget Paris"

Friday Night Delight

From what I'm seeing on the O's LTE forum, I'm betting on a shut down tonight.

I'll not be available to moderate posts until about 9pm, so......

Leave any comments you'd like and as soon as I get home, I'll post them.

And they complain about "off topic" deletions?

More O stuff:

LarryTheStableGuy wrote on 12/18/2009 11:25:11 AM:
Sparkle:What I got from the "bucket filler" was a program that socializes kids so that we have potential adults with feelings and not a culture of social misfits that "do what they want".We saw the results of "do what I want" recently and five of our police officers are gone as a direct result of that sort of thinking.

IndependentVoter wrote on 12/18/2009 01:14:46 PM:
Larry pulls the race card more than any angry white male I've eve seen

Hey, Indy/Joe....if you were rolling down the street in your canoe and all four wheels fell off, how many pancakes would it take to cover a dog house?

Freedom to abuse

From The O.....

LarryTheStableGuy wrote on 12/18/2009 12:26:21 PM:
This comment has been hidden and is pending site review. Click here if you wish to view.
Sparkle:It's just the children playing with the system again.The comments will be back.

sparkle wrote on 12/18/2009 12:17:14 PM:
This comment has been hidden and is pending site review. Click here if you wish to view.
Larry, and what I took away from the "Bucket filler" is that we reap what we sow. Being pleasant to one another, raises ourselves up, and conversely the reverse takes place. My previous post, which is pending review, is stating that what we are doing here by bullying one another collectively puts us in a very empty bucket, and serves nobody.However, what is stated on other web-sites / blogs have no bearing on the LTE thread, or our collective "bucket" and thus is irrelevant.What offense, or possibly off topic reason for pending review I do not understand.

LarryTheStableGuy wrote on 12/18/2009 11:25:11 AM:
This comment has been hidden and is pending site review. Click here if you wish to view.
Sparkle:What I got from the "bucket filler" was a program that socializes kids so that we have potential adults with feelings and not a culture of social misfits that "do what they want".We saw the results of "do what I want" recently and five of our police officers are gone as a direct result of that sort of thinking.

sparkle wrote on 12/18/2009 11:19:09 AM:
This comment has been hidden and is pending site review. Click here if you wish to view.
Karmen Galvin wrote: "The bucket filler program is based on the simple idea that each of us has a bucket that we carry around with us that holds our feelings about ourselves. When we show kindness, appreciation, and love toward others, our bucket fills up and we feel happy. When we, or others, say or do things that take those good feelings away from us, we feel sad. "Wow, maybe many of us should take with us our "feeling" bucket, and re-evaluate our words. Attacking others because of what they say on the LTE comments,because of differing ideologies is pointless, to attack an individual based on posts they make in an unrelated, personal blog is entirely something else.There are more then one people who regularly post here, who also have their own blog. some I enjoy, others I won't give the time of day. That said, what they post on their own blog is TOTALLY their own business.

When a comment is "hidden" in The Olympian and you copy and paste it, the "hidden" message and the original post all come up on this blog. I've bold faced the "hiddens" for reference.

As anyone can see, there is nothing whatsoever wrong with the posts and I know that this was not the work of The Olympian. There is a system underwhich "reports" hide comments. Someone learned it and is abusing the "report abuse" system. All it does is make extra work for The Olympian staff and eventually, they close the thread.

And THEN they complain about "freedom of speech"......

With friends like that, who needs enemas?

Our "friends" at have a story about one of Bin Laden's henchmen's wife getting involved in the whole "jihadathon" by encouraging women.

Now...on this story, the author, none other than "The Lympian Slayer" herself, posted a picture of a women's rights rally, circa about 1970 in America.

Was this a mistake? SADLY, NO.

Obviously, in true Right Wing fashion, they are trying to link Womens Rights in America, to an Islamic jihadist movement.

Check the bit from KO's show yesterday about Malkin. Same song, different verse.


Meanwhile, Indy/Joe has posted potty humor, as usual. After Joe's posts in the O about feces and now his have to wonder what the man does in his spare time......

Since you are reading....

FROM THE OLYMPIAN, Olympia, WA 12/18.09:

StMartin wrote on 12/18/2009 10:39:30 AM: for mcgee information.Larry the stable guys blog.

StMartin wrote on 12/18/2009 10:38:18 AM:
Larry since you are watching this thread and posting derogatory remarks about me, sondra and others.I appreciate you tell me here , to my face if you disagree with my posts.What you do is a cowardly way of debating.Plus you are not even mentioning the Olympian newspaper where you are taking our posts.Thats called plagiarism.Enjoy yourself. Sorry mcgee,but thats what he is doing.

(you will all note that "StMartin" posted on Thurstonblog.....NOT! I believe the term used was "cowardly way of debating....)

Yeah, I got a little sloppy and didn't post the source. Thanks...I'll edit that.

Meanwhile, you must be really ANGRY you can't control me or The O....

"posting derogatory remarks about me, sondra and others" pointing out that your assertion of "global warming" being a part of a letter that contains nothing about "global warming" is........DEROGATORY???????

Time to call the waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaambulence......

Silly Sarah

Possibly a line of clothing....."Sarahwear"??????

OK, Sarah...I won't talk to you....and you shut up!!!!

Michelle, my belle.....

I don't know which is funnier....the story or Malkin's picture


Has anyone caught up with any of the information on "Prayercast"?

It seems some of our Senators, along with a bunch of the Religious Right, are praying for "God" to stop the health care insurance legislation.

I'm sure God would be on the side of Insurance profits.

Check the story and video.


SondraKovacio wrote on 12/18/2009 10:13:06 AM:
StMartin wrote on 12/18/2009 09:57:47 AM:I only was responding to the letter by Michael Munz.

Global warming is in the agenda he is talking aboutStMartin, Gloabl Warming is a HUGE part of the agenda he is talking about.

Then why aren't the words "global warming" in the letter?

This is coming from the "don't put words in my mouth" group.

Source: The Daily Olympian


StMartin wrote on 12/18/2009 09:57:47 AM:
tmcgee, I only was responding to the letter by Michael Munz. Global warming is in the agenda he is talking about.Ive seen others go way off topic and didnt get pulled. But hey its your joint, not mine. As you say.
(Source: The Daily Olympian)

One slight problem.....there was no mention of global warming in Munz's letter.

Aside from "it's your joint", your schtick is pegged and it's just a matter of time.....

Intruder Shot and Killed in Local Home

From what appears to be a "home break-in" or possible terrorist attack, a man was shot and killed as he tried to gain entry to a local home.

"He was carrying this huge bag that was full, we figured it to be weapons or some kind of bomb," said a female at the residence. "Our lives were definitely threatened"

It was thought that the perpetrator was gang affiliated, as he was dressed almost entirely in red. "Personally," said the shooter, "I think he's a commie." "I'm sure glad that Obama hasn't taken my gun, otherwise my family would be dead." "A big man like that wasn't too smart trying to get in our house via the chimney."

The perpetrator had no ID, thus police speculated that he might have been an illegal alien.

In a possibly unrelated story an old fashioned sleigh and reindeer were found on the property.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

From Anonymous 98507

EDITOR'S NOTE: This was submitted by Anonymous 98507 as a blog post. If you wish to post a blog topic, just submit has usual and let me know. - LH

Comments on today's LTEs seemed to be going along fairly well.... at least until this afternoon when the haters started flagging messages. Yet, the haters are the ones who complain about others flagging THEIR comments!! A-holes..... Ah, now I see that flagged messages from Larry, ReasonedDiscussion, and Sparkle have been deleted, along with OlyKay's question and my answer about sparkle's comment being hidden. Maybe because they were off-topic? Tammy must be busily checking on the comments.... I see that she also dumped some of IV's drivel that I don't think had been flagged.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Batting .666

Anon1 wrote on 12/15/2009 10:04:24 PM: Wow, nearly 2 years since my last post and it seems nothing around here has changed.

Two of three posts since your return were "hidden" or pulled by The Olympian staff.

You might want to lose that obsession with me.

More Cheech and Chong material

Toke of the Town selects Olympian Contributor as "Dope of the Day"

As most know, I'm recovered, thus I don't use any drugs other than prescribed by a physician and I don't drink alcohol.

That being said Jill Wellock submitted an opinion and luckily for her, opinion allows for you to be wrong. She fulfilled.


Anon1980 wrote on 12/16/2009 09:07:19 AM:
Makenzie Sylvester, Lacey
Why do you not ask your parents why they do not pay for your schooling instead of getting everyone else to pay for there responsibilities?

When you're hot, you're HOT!

CEDAR ALSO SAID: We know exactly what you meant, as you are an Ayn Rand acolyte. Never mind that Ayn Rand was a widely hated loudmouth in her own circle, who had extramarital affairs willy nilly, who was often depressed, and who spent her life looking for just the perfect rich and powerful man who she could admire for a time. She was one of the wonders of the conservative world: a witch with no morality who well represents Republicans.

Damn! That must have hurt!

Cedar counters with a left hook......ouch!

"... I think many people are worthless and most people deserve exactly what they get from life?"

That might be the most telling statement about you and your level of morality that I have ever heard. Tell that to Anne Frank and the millions of Jews in Europe. Tell that to the hard-working midwestern guy who was just laid off from Ford because the banks caused the stock market to tank. Tell that to the 45 year old mother of five who has MS. Tell that to the infantry soldier in Iraq who died for a lie. Tell that to the child born with fetal alcohol syndrome. Shall I go on? Life isn't fair, and many people deserve more than what they got on the random roulette wheel of life. - "Cedar, The Olympian Comments, 12/16/2009

We love you, too, girlie

cedar wrote on 12/16/2009 07:42:43 AM:...These folks think that unless you are rich, you are worthless and deserve nothing in life.

SondraKovacio wrote on 12/16/2009 07:59:16 AM:
Hey now! I'm not rich and I think many people are worthless and most people deserve exactly what they get from life! Extorting from the lives of others is no way to go through life, son.

Can we get a super sized hyperbole with an extra helping of patronizing?

Put down the pipe, Indy/Joe

IndependentVoter wrote on 12/16/2009 05:29:12 AM:
One thing the potheads will never do is quote Genesis 1:29, which has to do with much more than just hemp.

And God said, "Behold. I have given you every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of all the earth and every tree which is the fruit of a yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat." (Genesis 1:29)

Well, Indy/Joe, if "potheads" don't quote this scripture, we all might take a different look at marijuana

But the Joe The Dipstick comes up with this brilliant piece of work:

IndependentVoter wrote on 12/16/2009 05:27:09 AM:
Alcohol is the most dangerous drug.The State sells it, then tickets you for for drinking so much.We must demand equal rights for potheads, besides the State could use the money.

Yeah....the state liquor store is a scam to get you to drink too much and drive. You don't get tickets for drinking Indy/Schmoe, it's driving while drinking that is the problem.

Keep it up, though. I understand Cheech and Chong are touring again and they might use some of your Olympian posts for their material

Use a calculator for your next lie

Anon1 wrote on 12/15/2009 10:04:24 PM:
This comment has been hidden and is pending site review. Click here if you wish to view.
Wow, nearly 2 years since my last post and it seems nothing around here has changed. It's the same dry drunk putting on the "Larry Show" for a couple of malcontent followers and posting the same "9 billion on the streets of Iraq" line. Either the stroke or job loss has really gotten to him. The sad thing is that he now has even more time to make posts, try to "bait and lure" people in some fantasy game in his mind, and cause general bad feelings. Old material, new day.'s been less than two years since my you haven't posted in nearly two years.....but know about my stroke......well...let's just say that your math is about as good as your manners. Even with a "stroke affected" brain, I can "out calculate" you.

Job loss? Hmmm....I didn't know that I had "lost" my job. I do know that, as part of the management team, I volunteered to be the reduction in force so that two employees would hold their jobs and 60 foster kids not lose their mentors. That's what leaders do. Lead by example.

Bait and lure? Cause bad feelings? My bait and lure is a personal blog. You whine about me blogging on The Olympian, yet you just can't wait to see what is on my personal blog. No one forced you to come here.

I know this much. I didn't pull the "hidden post" trick on your comments, so I'm guessing The Olympian didn't think much of it. Almost two years since you've posted and your first one was censored. Nice work.

Oh..and as long as The Right Wing Talking Machine keeps bringing up Medicare fraud as a tool to assist the Insurance Industry, I'll keep bringing up fraud in the military industrial complex.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Welcome Kay, not K

When I sent out a "friend request" it was to alert you to this blog. I'm assuming you got the site address from Sparkle.

I see that you like jazz. I'm not a bebop artist - more of a melodic/R&B

Go to for samples of live recordings. If you like what you hear, send me an email and I'll put you on my list. We have a great show coming up on New Years Eve.


abby1960 wrote on 12/15/2009 08:18:22 PM:
oh please with "its a test" you said that in a comment section on his blog.larry says same thing all the time, 'its a test"grow up lil girlits the Olympian deleting no one got hacked

poor old AbbyDabbyDooDoo forgot that whoever is playing with The Olympian hid Tammy McGee's comment the other night when she came on telling those clowns to knock it off. Her statement that "150 compliants posted" says it all.

yeah...I'm sure The O is hiding their moderator's caution posts.......

I have an email from someone that figured out the system. The Olympian is being advised. I'm sure you'll see changes in the next day or so

"150 compliants".......I'll bet they were worried about my "Freedom of Speech"

An Oldie but a Woodie....

Mark_Wood wrote on 12/11/2009 07:00:23 PM:If you let them post straight to the blog and not filter them through your email you might get more traffic

Thanks for the suggestion, Mark, but it appears that AbbyDabbaDo and St.ErnieRenAlex are keeping my blog plenty busy.

Hey....I gave you top billing on your two links about Tiger Woods and you wussed out on me. I thought MAYBE you'd make things interesting.......

You go girl.......LOL

sparkle wrote on 12/15/2009 08:10:55 PM:
abby, if you dislike Larry so much, why are you visiting his blog, copying my writings, my post was a test, you failed and you took the bait, hook line and sinker.

....and Mark Wood was worried that I wasn't getting enough traffic......LMAO

It took less than 15 minutes

LarryTheStableGuy wrote on 12/15/2009 06:42:20 PM:
This comment has been hidden and is pending site review. Click here if you wish to view.
Isn't it comical that those who complained so loudly about "freedom of speech" are now hacking the comments to delete and cloak?.

That was my test comment posted at 6:42....before 7:00 they had hacked me.

EDIT: By 7:10 it was uncloaked......

Sanders takes GOP to task......

Bob Ray Sanders, columnist for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram took the Republicans to task in an editorial for their obvious attempt at stalling any progress in government, as a campaign tactic.

One of the geniuses on The Olympian thread called it well.....

cheeseburger wrote on 12/15/2009 05:43:41 PM:
Bob Ray Sanders, a columnist for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.can be reached at I wonder how much hate mail Mr. Sanders has received today?

Yep......hate mail.....that's what she called it.....hate mail.......

Intellectually honest without realizing it......LMAO

Back to the old schtick....

IndependentVoter wrote on 12/15/2009 06:18:38 PM:
My goodness.It was predicted that the righties would be angry today, but looks who's the angry ones:As usual,The angry, but tolerant and diverse, left.

Shhhhhhhhh.....don't remind him that he didn't hump Kevin Jennings' leg today.....

The answer is.....

cheeseburger wrote on 12/15/2009 06:43:12 PM:
Sarah Palin!

Oh.....I forgot to post the question....

Who did 17% of respondents say they don't know enough about to have an opinion? All that book touring and almost 1 in 5 people don't know who or what you are......

Before the hacker gets to hack.....

LarryTheStableGuy wrote on 12/15/2009 06:42:20 PM:
Isn't it comical that those who complained so loudly about "freedom of speech" are now hacking the comments to delete and cloak?

OlyKay wrote on 12/15/2009 03:34:51 PM:
Hopefully, the Olympian will not penalize the person -- LarryTheStableGuy -- for pointing out the vulgar posts, rather than the person who uses this scatological and vulgar term to address another blogger.
Recommended (8) Report abuse

OlyKay wrote on 12/15/2009 03:25:39 PM:
Perhaps the Olympian watchdog, like I, hasn't been aware it is profane in urban usage.
Recommended (6) Report abuse

OlyKay wrote on 12/15/2009 02:33:34 PM:
Repeatedly calling sparkle "spackle" seems so juvenile...
Recommended (8) Report abuse

Thanks Kay.

Thurstonblog Commenter solves Olympian Hacker

I've been sent a private email from one of Thurstonblog's commenters that is the solution to how someone keeps cloaking posts on the LTE thread of The Olympian. This person ran their own test on a different thread and has learned how the hacker operates.

I've suggested that they forward the information to Tammy McGee at The Olympian.

Stay tuned.

KO delivers a knockout!!!

This is the last 15 minutes of Keith's show from Dec 14th.

It is a priceless piece of work!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Down and out..... was predictable, The Olympian LTE thread is dead....again.

Viable Democrat/Baird's seat

I contacted Wallace's office who forwarded me to this email for the campaign. I got a return mail from Cindy Gipson, Deputy Campaign Manager

Any and all are welcome to inquire. I'll post anything that I learn.

Why I say racism is subtle

From The O...
>glenn wrote on 12/14/2009 07:55:39 AM:Kwanzaa is a made-up holiday and everyone knows it. Now go ahead and give the BS explanation for Kwanzaa so we can all hear the 1980's version of this new holiday. Try your best to explain that it has been there all along.Kwanzaa: a harvest festival celebrated from Dec. 26 until Jan. 1 in some African-American communities. (<>

This person went out of his way to cast dispersion towards a holiday that is celebrated by many, but has become particularily of favor to black Americans. He went to the point of trying his best to intellectually attack the celebration and it's false premise, based on his knowledge of the calendar and the seasons of the northern hemisphere.

He failed to consider that Africa is equatorial or below the equator, thus the seasons are different and the harvest would be different.

My question is "why work so hard to discredit a holiday celebrated by black Americans?

The answer is painfully clear.

For the pleasure of Indy/Joe

OK, folks. This thread is for the pleasure of Independent Voter/Joe the Impotent.

It seems Indy/Joe has a new fixation. No...he is not day dreaming about the jail gang rape of a former Olympia City Councilperson this time. His new fixation is Kevin Jennings, an Obama appointment.

Now, aside from Jennings being an "out" homosexual, a quick look on the internet will show that he has done some great things during his career, in particular to protect homosexual youth.

There was an incident, where a student told him about an affair with an adult. He told the student "I hope you were using protection". What a concept, huh? The Indy/Joes of this world would rather the kid contract AIDS or Hepatitis. Oh...did I forget to mention that the kid was over the age of consent for his state when Jennings heard the story?

But...that isn't good enough for Indy/Joe's gratification needs.

There is a story.....I picked up the "NewsBusters version" it is....

"Blogger Jim Hoft at Big Government has been doing an excellent job however....

"GLSEN offered sex education seminars to young teenagers within the framework of public education that went way, way beyond explanations of human biology and disease transmission. According to multiple sources, GLSEN discussed “fisting”, oral sex etiquette, and other techniques to 14-year-olds, until the program got exposed by local Massachusetts media, and the instructor got fired as a scapegoat. Jim has the audio from one of the seminars, discussing the proper hand position for “fisting”:
Margot Abels, who got fired by GLSEN after the content of the seminars became known, says Jennings and others at GLSEN knew the content of their curriculum and approved it."

Let's take a journalistic look at this. "According to multiple sources" and "Margot Abels, who got fired says Jennings knew the content"

How about if I ran a blog story that said "According to multiple sources, Indy/Joe was seen in a pasture violating a goat and Fred Schwartz, says that Sondra K knew about it" ? Now, is this quality research and journalistic reporting?

Jim claims to have "audio", but can't seem to produce said audio enough to get anyone else interested in this "story"?

This has all the authenticity of the Larry Sinclair story, that Indy/Joe loves to fantansize. Of course, Sinclair took a polygraph and failed when asked about his story of sex with Obama.

Well, there you go, Indy/Joe. You'll never get that on The Olympian. I'll bet you'll be reading my blog, over and over and over and over and over and over and over........

Oh...and just for laughs...check out This is the blog collection for the "writer"

A cast of thousands.....

WayCool wrote on 12/13/2009 11:12:31 PM:
Larry,I just read your thread and I can not understand how someone with so much anger and hate can sleep at night!Olympian,Please do not let Larry have a say on the moderation of this thread. He is as much abusive as the others are. You really need to go read his thread sometime. This man has a lot of hate for someone(s).I pretty much quite blogging here. I got tired of him bad mouthing me all the time.

abby1960 wrote on 12/13/2009 10:22:03 PM:
So, I've sent Tammy an email, stating my desire to be part of the solution and that I know others would like to do the same, but that we need to understand who is in control and how that control is being moderated. I've also asked about meeting with management to maybe form a community moderation board. Basically, any idea to salvage what can be a very fun interaction and a community asset.So far, Tammy has been very fair and helpful. I'll give her the first shot, then see where it needs to go.yes larry please xplain why in this thread you say she is a phony, but on your blog you claim to be talking to tmc ?

You know, it's amazing how many "people" have found this blog.

"abby1960" alledgedly was "new" about a week ago (Comment on: Letters to the Editor for Dec. 8 at 12/8/2009 9:06 AM PST on The Olympian). I haven't posted the blog site address, but once and when others did, it was well over a week ago. As far as claiming I said Tammy McGee is a phoney....well...that's just a plain lie...and Tammy knows that better than anyone. We conversed about her "warning shot over the bow" last week when someone inquired about her and if she was real. At the time she posted in The O, my only comment in the O about her was "Thanks"

"WayCool" "pretty much quite (sic) blogging here".....but somehow found this blog. That moniker hasn't been used since November 28th, how would Way Cool have just happened to be online when "RenManErnie" posted my site once and it was taken down. Otherwise, the only people who knew about this address were those I messaged (friends), emailed (other friends) and, of course, SondraK, who keeps a personal file on everything I do and say. complete the fascination....."WayCool" just happens to come out of retirement about an hour after "Abby1960" copies from my blog and pastes to The O......

Sorry to say, but I'm betting after the abuse Tammy McGee got from these clowns online, the LTE thread may be down for awhile anyway.

:::: By the way...."WayCool", if you think I'm angry, you need to know, I was having quite a laugh at your expense. It is sad to consider that the US Military produced such a clueless being at the taxpayers expense. You are like an old spinster that gets an obscene phone call and tells the police "he went on for 45 minutes saying the most horrible things". If I'm so mean and terrible, why did you go to all the trouble to find and read my blog? (of course, you could be just one more character in a long line from the sick mind of a twisted individual)::::::'s the kicker folks. Only Abby1960 and WayCool have accused me of being the beloved "Dick Butkus" - the character that mocked rednecks. I want to congratulate whoever created Dick for their work. I nominate that person for Satirist of the Year for the LTE Comments

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I called it out.....

Silverman wrote on 12/13/2009 06:17:48 PM:
Mr. Reasoned, I am 74 years old and believe me when I say it, I know very well about the fall of communism. And it is very rude of you to mock me that way. I have first lost family under the nazis then had to endure many years of harassment from Kgb thugs. Finally I arrived here in 1958 via Austria. unless you have lived under communism, please, please, do not presume to be an knowledable person about it.

This post turned up during a "discussion" on the LTE thread tonight, concerning the "fall of communism". In another post, "Silverman" was talking about how much Reagan was loved in Poland.

Do the math. Silverman says he left Poland in 1958 (age 23). How would he know diddly squat about what happened in Eastern Europe during the Reagan era?

My post, deleted on the O (it seems the children found the delete system) said I thought Silverman was a fake, for the purpose of argument involking.

Rack up a point for old Larry......

If you are interested -

Poland sure had a lot of liberties for a horrible communist country....including a labor union...

It started out reasonable....

Sunday's Olympian LTE thread started as a pretty good discussion, with points being made relating to, and not relating to the letters. As the day wore on, the typical cast of characters got out of control.

There is something going on and I've started to dig in. For some strange reason, there were a multitude of moderations dropped on "Reasoned Discussion's" posts. I personally checked them all out and, other than not being directed at a letter (which many posts weren't), they were well within the guidelines of The O. At that point, I called The Olympian and was told that no one could help me with online comments - "no one is here". So I posted that I'd had enough and would contact management tomorrow.

Tammy McGee, a staffer, then checked in and identified herself, thus no violation of disclosure on my part. She, or someone, wiped out about a page of posts, inclusive of mine - why, I'm not sure, because some posts left up, were definitely intended to antagonize people. Note: Since my original post, I got a comment (moved to this thread) that indicates that Tammy had cautioned people and they "reported" her thread to extinction

So, I've sent Tammy an email, stating my desire to be part of the solution and that I know others would like to do the same, but that we need to understand who is in control and how that control is being moderated. I've also asked about meeting with management to maybe form a community moderation board. Basically, any idea to salvage what can be a very fun interaction and a community asset.

So far, Tammy has been very fair and helpful. I'll give her the first shot, then see where it needs to go.

I encourage all to express their concerns and solutions to The Olympian.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

I guess Ernie's undies are in a knot...

ErnieWilkens wrote on 12/12/2009 11:00:39 AM:
Got to head out for now.Just to remind the Oly staff. LarryTheStableGuy is using emails from your staff to him in bogus postings on his blog at ttp:// Hows it feel to be scammed Oly censor ?

Since The Olympian's employees are member of our community, I invited them, long ago to read and blog. Parts of comments - suggestions for The O - have been emailed to them by me. I'm not The Olympian Answer Man, so I put them in the hands of the people that can solve the challenges.

Other commenters on Thurstonblog are joining me in supporting The Olympian's efforts to clean up their comment threads and rid them of pests.

Hey Ernie, Bert or whatever your name is....

Who is forcing you to read my blog?

ErnieWilkens wrote on 12/12/2009 10:41:46 AM:
And you a pretty foul mouth dude.

ErnieWilkens wrote on 12/12/2009 10:40:30 AM:
And larry your blog is loaded with name calling

If you don't like the language, get the fuck out.

How's that work for ya?

Call it a coincidence.....

"It was by God’s grace and divine providence that our Republic came into existence out of the fires of an American Revolution. It is by that samegrace that we shall take our country back."..................David William Hedrick, GOP Candidate Cong. Dist 3 WA

"I believe today that my conduct is in accordance with God's will"...................Adolf Hitler

I don't consider Hedrick a serious contender in the race, but consider his politics. Fringe of the fringe.

My concern is what happens when "God" doesn't "give back the country" to these clowns. What is next?

Can't sleep at night....

Hey....there is a lyric somewhere in that headline.

The shoulder has prevented me from getting a complete straight 8 for about a month and a half. Usually, I pick an old movie to put me back to sleep.....

Frick and Frack (which I think is Frick and Frick) got their panties in a wad over my bogus post that contained a sentence from an email with an Olympian staffer.

Let me state, as if I have to, the Olympian staffers, whether I agree with them or not on an issue, are just regular people trying to get a job done. There is an extraordinary asswipe (or more) that are purposefully trying to destroy the comments thread for the LTEs, in addition to making me their vendetta.

Well, there was an unfortunate incident concerning a lie about my recent separation from BBBS, so I had to have conversation with them - not only for my own face in the community, but for the face of BBBS. The comment needed to come down and others that were trying to feed the fire (Red Foreman) needed to be cautioned that this was a serious matter of legal circumstances.

I felt that the moderator was due a "thanks" and support from THIS reader for the effort he/she was putting forth in trying to clean up the thread. No sooner did I get a response email and Frick, Frack or Fruck (name of the day) is using my personal picture for an avatar. (as Mark Wood is aware, I'm not fond of that and my publicity photos are copywritten). Call me names, play silly games, but don't fuck with my public image.

So I emailed the staffer back to advise of this violation and the sentence "I deleted most of his comments on the 10 LTEs. I know who he is, he is a consistent abuser who gets blocked and comes back with a new identity" now comes to play. Frick/Frack are trying to turn this into a "Larry controls The Olympian" conspiracy.....LOL (hey...just give me a job, I don't have to run the place.....LMAO).

Now, you have to have a pretty goddamned vivid imagination (or a lot of drugs) to think that I can control The Olympian. It's almost comical, if not for how tragic it can be. I do know The Olympian is just about to close the thread permanently if the bullshit doesn't quit. They have much more to do than just sit around and play games with assholes trying to agitate others with THEIR media website.

For those that enjoy The Olympian's LTE thread, I suggest sending an email of support and an attempt to help them control the thread, otherwise there will be no thread. I saw the entire interactive media system at The Chronicle shut down due to abuse, so don't think it won't happen.

It's really kind of nice to have a forum for exchange, lets try to not screw it up.

Mark Wood on Tiger Woods....

NOTE: Mark Wood submitted these items and rather than bury them in comments (see "Assholes like you") I'm going to give Mark his own thread and see if we can open discussion on the subject, as I think it merits discussion. It's newsworthy, current and reflective of behaviors we've seen in other professions. Thanks Mark, for your submissions

Mark Wood said... I found a bigger asshole than me! I didn't think I could do it
December 11, 2009 9:01 PM

Mark Wood said... ready? Its only been, like, 2 weeks. The wheels of justice are grinding fast. As an accused asshole I can accuse assholes
December 11, 2009 9:46 PM

Friday, December 11, 2009

As a fan of Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor and others

There is nothing I love more than the over-use of profanity, especially when you can get a reaction.

I hope I haven't offended any of those with a slightly sensitive personality.

Night all!

Except for assholes like you

Mark_Wood wrote on 12/11/2009 07:00:23 PM:
If you let them post straight to the blog and not filter them through your email you might get more traffic

First of all, I'm not selling advertising, dipshit, therefore I could give a rats ass how many people are here. I'm not going to self-nominate me for "Blooger Asswipe of the Year"

If not for fuckheads like you, I would have left it open.

Does that answer your question, sir?

If you are not satisfied, check with our Director of Complaints, Helen Waite.

If you have a complaint, go to Helen Waite

Ernie doesn't pay attention

ErnieWilkens wrote on 12/11/2009 06:35:50 PM:
lol Mark, by the way Mark should see what a certain person has to say about you on his blog, rofl.

Mark was one of my first commenters. If she could have said something other than the stupidity of "this will be more fun than a bunch of chained Arkansans", I might have engaged her.

Here fishy, fishy.....

::::baits the hook, again:::::::

I wonder why.....

The cowards won't post in here?

Oh well....lurkers count, too. LMAO

PT Barnum was right! SUCKERS LOL

ErnieWilkens wrote on 12/11/2009 05:09:31 PM: Well Abby may have a point,It would be unethical if larry is in collusion with someone at oly staff.determining who posts what and who is banned etc.That post he made does seem to say that from a staffer.I dont think that staffers boss would approve.But then again who knows.Very strange indeed why he pulled it from his blog just after abby posted it here last night.Possibly to keep a staffer out of trouble with their superior ??

abby1960 wrote on 12/11/2009 05:10:18 PM: thats what i think has happened

Using a sentence from a communication with The Olympian moderator, I created a bogus blog yesterday evening (about 6pm) and left it up for about 20 minutes and then pulled it.

As the old TV blip used to say "This has been a test".

I have a blog monitor. That blog monitor has changed their Olympian handle about 6 times in the past month and now has two names talking to each other. This person could screen cap my blog fast enough and paste it on The O's LTE comments. Thanks for showing your cards you can see, the perp is saying I'm in collusion on which posts are deleted (as if The Olympian isn't smart enough to make their own decisions). Hell, I've had a couple of posts cloaked and I'm not even sure what I did wrong. In spite of the sexual gratification that some childish turd is probably getting with their conspiracy theory....I don't run the Olympian.

IndependentVoter wrote on 12/11/2009 05:29:57 PM:
Larry uses multiple identities and or IP addresses to fool the automated system into registering multiple "complaints" making a post "under review".That's how it's done.Watch how fast this post disappears...

Recommend (1) Report abuse

I'm wondering if I should report Indy/Joe for abusing himself while fantasizing about my power over The Olympian's system?

Frankly, as I told him before, I really prefer that his stupid ass posts stay up so that people can see what a fool he is. Indy/Joe is absolutely fixated with homosexuals - to the point of getting into false stories about sexual proclivities of some homosexuals (as it heteros don't do weird stuff, too). He must spend limitless time in the mens' room at Capital Lake because he constantly keeps us up to date on his examination of feces on the walls, and other...uh...tidbits.

For the last time, Indy/Joe......I don't want to see you deleted. Unfortunately, the entirely sickening stuff you think people want to read (not everyone has your taste) is just a bit too much for The Olympian's staff....thus....your shit get's 86'd. Of course, after your salacious droolings over your desire to see an Olympia City Councilperson gangraped in jail, I think people know you for who you are.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Kudos to the Olympian, Baird Resigns, Etc.

Although I know my blog is the backup for when The O has to shut down, my kudos to their moderator (I sent an email accordingly). 12/9's LTE comment thread was near perfect. I think the message is getting through loud and clear.

Brian Baird is resigning. Who do you think will be the Democratic candidate? The Republican from Vancouver is ridiculously under qualified (I did a search and suggest others do same). I'm wondering if Sam Hunt has enough recognition outside Thurston County.

Tell me what you think.

A Commenter writes....Anon_the_Great has requested this post

Note: Commenter has requested that this submission be a new topic. Glad to oblige!

Today, Dec 9th there is a wonderful lack of idiocy by right wing moonbats on all the comments threads at teh Daily Zip. Could the minions of the Blonde Beast be stealing a page from the Left, aping a Day without Gays?

(since this post was copied and pasted in The Olympian, I realized that I had inadvertently not identified its origin, thus I edited the heading - Larry)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Open Thread

OK....I saw on FOX today that Sarah Palin took Huckabee to task for his decision on Clemmons.

It appears the Dems "weenied out" on the Public Option.

Obama is letting the Republican Senators run up one side and down the other of his rhetorical butt.

There are three topics. Got other comments or suggestions? Let'em fly!

Olympian Thread is shut down

I spoke to today's moderator and...yes...unfortunately the Olympia LTE comments are shut down again. The moderator felt that everything was actually improving but took strong exception to some personal attacks. Since she is filling in for the regular moderator, she said that frankly, she had more important things to do that worry about the thread.

So.....mine is open, but, since I moderate all comments and I will be gone for an appointment this afternoon, you'll have to be patient as I may not be able to clear you from email.

Post on!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Not worth my time appears either I can't undelete the comments of "mark_wood" and "GothGuy" or I can't figure it out.

In either case, it's not worth worrying further.

For those that wish to know, "Mark's" comment was something about "this will be more fun than a bunch of chained Arkansans" (someone please explain that one to me) and GothGuy questioned if I'd delete him for disagreeing with me, to which I replied "quit bitching and post something to find out"....nothing followed, so I deleted both his comment and my reply to him. No sense in cluttering up the blog with bullshit.

So that everyone understands - All comments come to me in email first. I preview them and then click the "publish" link and off they go. Now I AM able to allow all comments to go directly through, but I think that is exactly what a handful of characters (you'll note I don't say people) would like. Then they would flood the blog with crap while I'm not monitoring it. (yes, contrary to rumors, I'm not ALWAYS at my computer).

So, the way things are set up, the cowards HAVE to go through me first. Yet....I've only deleted two comments and have published everything that has come through my email.

If they really want to bitch, try posting something on Right Wing Andy's blogspot (can't remember the name). He accepts NO comments from anyone.

So...keep those cards and letters coming......

Cow Patty

From The Olympian:

RenaissanceMan wrote on 12/06/2009 12:36:29 PM:
This comment has been hidden and is pending site review. Click here if you wish to view.
Wow, larry is posting all the righties posts from here on his blog.That way he can debate and no one can rebut him.Calling me and cheesburgers cowards on his blog. Lol , hmm wonder who the coward is. Thanks for ya pic larry.

Later, this person claims they are going to "have some fun with larry's blog"

But...of course.......nothing happened.

If I didn't say coward before, I'm saying it now.

Oh...and did I mention "liar"? As anyone reading this post can see, I gave "Chuck from Tacoma" a shot at me and copied and pasted his post again so that he'd get a top billing.

Two posts have been deleted, and.....tell ya what....let me see if I can undelete them (I think I can) so that everyone can see why they were deleted - basically a waste of space.

It sure is nice to know that all these people claiming I have no readers, are reading me. I'm waiting for Cheeseburger to stand on the corner with a sign saying "Larry is not allowing ME the freedom to post on HIS blog!"

Sal Monella

Compliments of The Olympian:

RenaissanceMan wrote on 12/06/2009 09:29:04 AM:
One of the favorite tactics of the political Left is to smear their political opponents. They follow Alinsky's guideline -- "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon." They ridicule, personalize and attack those they disagree with, because they can not, and will not, debate the issues.The Left is unable to defend Obama's decision to hide his bona fides from the American People, so they attack anybody that dares to ask Obama to release his documentation. One of their favorite tactics is to tar the questioner as a "Birther," or relegate the skeptic to the "fringe.". The Obama File.

Now, as you know, we cannot get into in depth conversation about this on the comments forum, because no one wrote a letter about it. So......have a shot here.....

Regardless of the individual author of this post, I've noticed that the new move of the extremists of the Right Wing is to pull out ""we have a right to question", thus avoiding the obvious issue that the only reason the question came up is the color of his skin. Can you imagine someone questioning the "true birthplace" of Ronald Reagan? I mean, how do we really know he wasn't born in Ireland?

Obama has provided more than enough proof for the majority of the GOP and all you have left is the loonies on the fringe (their words, not mine). Sarah Palin's latest was "they have their right to question...but I'm not questioning". For all her stupidity, she has the political sense to appease those voters (as if they wouldn't vote for her anyway), but save face with the moderates (who see her as a joke).

We know that the GOP has been the champs of political smear since Nixon's days. What's your take? Are you buying their latest explanation? Oh...and did THEY follow "Sal Alinsky"?

Saturday, December 5, 2009

And for the best multiple personalities award.....

Mark_Wood wrote on 12/05/2009 08:32:06 PM:
pnut, Larry's addicted to this LTE comment thread. He can't show restraint. He has none
Recommend (5)

Good old "Mark". How many people can post at 8:32 and by 8:59 there are five recommends? Now "Mark" is talking about my "lack of restraint" because of an enjoyment of blogging....but five personalities????????? The traffic has been slow on the LTE thread and I was engaged in a discussion with another person.....but you KNOW there HAD to be five other people lurking...just waiting to recommend "Mark's" post about me. I doubt that five other people even care if I post, much less how much I post.

Nope...there is only one and her real name isn't "Mark"......

Hi, Mark! Glad to know you're reading....

Nice to know you're reading....

RenaissanceMan wrote on 12/05/2009 00:27:00 AM: Larry s blog, lol all 3 members

RenaissanceMan wrote on 12/05/2009 00:30:06 AM:
Funny how larry is always "on the road", at the "hospital","setting up",when peoples posts get deleted. Yeah right larry Butkus, its nice to have a buddy at the Daily O.
Recommend (1) Report abuse

I wonder if I'm supposed to report self abuse on the part of RM?

As to my "whereabouts" last night when IndyJoe got the 86.....I was performing at Great Wolf Lodge. If you have kids, or want to be a kid, come to the Lodge on Friday nights from 6-8pm for their Christmas programming. I subtly perform near Santa and Mrs Claus and get to watch hundreds of parents try to make their kids comfortable for that picture that the kid is saying "no way". I was there last night and will be again on Dec 18th.

Much more important than my music (two of my CDs left the country last night - one to British Columbia and one to Great Britain) was the Great Wolf program, complete with a snow flurry.....INDOORS.

Give it a look! Great fun for kids of all ages.

Gee, Chuck...I was expecting a Christmas, er uh HOLIDAY card

Chuck from Tacoma said...
What the hell did you do? You whine and snivel because you don't like somebody else's moronic comment? You can't really believe that the idiotic crap that you spew day after day, thread after thread has any more validity to it then the other posters.Larry, get your head out of your ass. You are the kind of twit that brings out the worst in anybody.If you would stay off LTE for a month or two, civility would certainly return naturally.Chuck from Tacoma

Now I'm really glad that Chuck brought something of substance to the table. I'm in control of Chuck's behavior, according to Chuck

Let me buy you a decaf, Chuck. Oh...that's right...Sondra won't let you go out to coffee with me....LOL

Gee...and I thought lurkers counted, also.....

Compliments to The Olympian LTE thread:

cheeseburger wrote on 12/04/2009 09:38:53 PM:
Larry, after looking at your latest personal blog, I could see that you were deleting comments from two of your newly signed up commenters.It must be lonely on your blog when 2 of 4 members had been deleted.

Now, listen up people. You have to quit lurking like Cheeseburger and mark_wood and start posting, otherwise I don't get to count you in my quest to be popular.

I encourage everyone to look at who and what I deleted. "mark_wood", Vice President of the Whinery Workers Local #69, came in with a post about "oh boy this will be as fun as a bunch of chained Arkansans: (which frankly didn't make sense, but I did detect someone that was going to piss on the!). "GothGuy" (has anyone noticed that Sondra has taken to using male names of late?) asked if "his" comments would be deleted if he disagreed with me. I challenged him to post something of substance. He didn' one bites the dust.

Now, "Chuck from Tacoma" (who I offered to take out for coffee, but Sondra declined for him) had a real nice post full of hateful diatribe that is still standing for all to see. AnonTheGreat and I have discussed a "ShitPosts of the Month" or something equivilant, so we'll see how that goes. those lurkers that "disagree" with me.....I challenge you to post! Let's see if you can provide enough decorum and substance to weather the shitstorm from Thurstonblog's Moderating Master.